Node.js has gained prominence as a JavaScript runtime engine for developing scalable enterprise-level applications. Many tech companies have hired Node.js development services to develop applications and solve their business needs. The trends in technology and applications have changed over the decade. Node.js has maintained its relevance with all such changing trends. From eCommerce apps to real-time chats, Node.js has served multiple purposes of application development. Node.js is known to benefit application development in terms of scalability, performance, and usability. 

Here, is a list of Six different types of apps that can be developed using Node.js. 

Types of Application

1. Single-Page Applications

Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are trending in web development. The complete application is fit into a single page to offer benefits like fast loading and great developer experience. Organizations willing to develop SPAs can hire Node.js developers to leverage the features such as excellent handling of asynchronous calls and huge input/output workloads, enhancing the efficiency of the application. A Node.js developer can use the Node.js loop to delay the recurrent requests to efficiently exchange the data between the Views and the server. Companies can Hire Node.js development services to develop the backend of a single-page application and develop high-performance apps. 

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Using IoT gives an innovative edge to any application. Companies can connect with Node.js development companies to develop enterprise-level public and private IoT solutions. IoT-based applications might consist of thousands of sensors and other devices that exchange data, giving rise to data handling challenges. The efficient handling of multiple concurrent requests sent by these devices makes Node.js a preferred engine for IoT application development. Also, Node.js is associated with low resource requirements, enabling Node.js developers to work on data-intensive use cases. Many applications such as Skycatch use Node.js to accomplish innovative features such as 3D modeling with drones. 

3. Applications with Microservice Architecture

Many popular applications such as Netflix and Facebook are based on microservice architecture where they use multiple small and independent services to execute one single process. Organizations can hire dedicated Node.js developers to use it in combination with other frameworks such as express to create highly flexible and effective modules. Node.js is known to support the breakdown of complex architecture into smaller working units, the basis of microservice architecture. Paypal is one of the leading examples of successful implementation of a microservices architecture where the development process was split into many microservices to boost productivity. 

4. Ecommerce Applications

E-commerce apps have found a strong foothold in the industry with millions of people shopping online. Product and other companies can hire Node.js development companies to successfully establish their eCommerce stores. Fast loading time and excellent concurrent request handling allow e-commerce companies to efficiently manage huge global traffic. Some of the successful eCommerce companies including Groupon and Node.js have used Node.js to develop scalable enterprise-level e-commerce applications with minimum page loading time. A reduced page loading time enhances customer satisfaction and overall customer retention. 

5. Streaming Applications

Streaming applications allow the user to download only the required part of the application without overloading the user’s system with unnecessary stuff. Getting into Node.js development enables companies to use stream API and handle real-time data streams that act as the backbone of any streaming application. The quick data transfer between the client and server enhances the user experience. A higher efficiency in data handling can be achieved using the readable and writeable stream interface provided by Node.js.  

6. Real-Time Apps

We are talking about a myriad of apps such as real-time chat apps and real-time collaboration tools. The asynchronous and event-based architecture of Node.js works in favor of real-time chats as it can be used to handle multiple events and I/O requests. The event API and WebSockets keep a check on the server hang, ensuring the smooth functioning of the data transfer in case of huge traffic as well. The Node.js WebSockets support enables the quick creation of real-time chats and ensures efficient management. Many real-time collaboration tools such as Trello are successfully using Node.js technology stack for efficient project management with a lot of updates and open connections. 


Many successful companies such as Uber, Netflix, and Paypal have used Node.js in application development. Time and again Node.js has proven its worth in application development. Node.js is a great app development engine for developing high-performance scalable enterprise-grade applications. It popularity mostly comes from its potential to manage multiple concurrent requests and handle humongous data transfer which is a must requirement for such apps. Organizations wishing to delve into application development can go through this list to understand if they should hire a Node.js developer for application development. They can connect with Node.js development companies to develop responsive, high-performance and real-time apps to gain a higher penetration into the market.

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