7 Reasons Why Laravel is the Most Used PHP Framework

Because of the incessant development in the IT field, we are now surrounded by plenty of options making us really confused about selecting the right ones. It is a herculean task to choose the correct Framework for your application. No doubt, anyone can point out specific criteria like cost of development, the popularity of the Framework, time to market, or third-party integration; making the right choice is not easy. Moreover, highly popular language like PHP comes with a variety of frameworks with seamless technical capabilities. A few of the prevailing frameworks are- Laravel, CodeIgniter Symfony, Phalcon, Yii 2, Slim, CakePHP, Zend, etc


Overall, Laravel has become a universal choice for developers who want to develop a complex application based on PHP. When everywhere in the world, companies from different industries are making efforts to increase their online reach and attract more target audiences online, designing a systematic application becomes very crucial. 

Laravel is a web development framework having an elegant syntax that makes the web development process faster and simpler. It came into existence with the motive of helping developers make coding quicker and less complex. Although Laravel was built using Symfony components, it makes routine chores like routing, authentication, sessions, and caching easier. 

So, Why Laravel is so popular?

  • MVC Support

The Model View Controller (MVC) based architectural pattern and the expressive, lovely syntax of the Laravel framework make it object-oriented, which is the first and foremost reason behind its prevalence. After being launched in an organized way, a web app can be easily handled using all its functionalities.

  • Eloquent ORM

Web developers are provided with a simple ActiveRecord implementation because of the Eloquent ORM that makes the interaction with the database easy and quick. Moreover, even without knowing SQL, the developers can write database queries using PHP syntax. 

  • Blade Template Engine

This is one of the most straightforward yet powerful PHP templating engines which doesn't restrict you from using simple PHP codes in view. It offers capabilities like template inheritance and presenting data that give flexibility to the web development process, along with some useful shortcuts for everyday PHP operations.

  • Open source and broad community

Laravel is the best PHP framework that is open source and comes with a wide developers community. The developers of this community make sure to add value to the Framework by making it more advanced and flexible. Moreover, if you hire a Laravel developer, you will get to know how frequently this Framework gets new plug-ins and modules. 

  • Built-in authentication and authorization

Laravel offers an out-of-the-box configuration for the authentication and authorization process. Here, with a few artisan commands, a Laravel developer can secure the application with Authentication and Authorization. 

Are you wondering whether it is the best PHP framework?

Selecting any framework for web application development is daunting for any organization. You may get skeptical about choosing Laravel, but it is the framework that would satiate your needs and align with your business requirements. Before Laravel, the Codeigniter framework was quite popular amongst Laravel developers, but it lacked in a few areas, which Laravel overcame. 

Benefits of Laravel Development

  • Personalized web apps with flawless syntax
  • The caching system stores numerous cached items & maintains clarity and functionality
  • High-quality Performance
  • Widespread Framework with plenty of plug-ins 
  • Multilingual Support
  • Reasonably priced Advancement
  • Reduced Time to Market 
  • Built-in libraries
  • Robust and scalable

A few of the reputed websites giving testament to Laravel's development effectiveness are- Disney, the New York Times, Alison, Barcharts, Contentoo, Invoice ninja, and many more. By going to a reputed Laravel development company, you can hire a remote Laravel developer with extraordinary experience and skills. Laravel transpired mainly because it combines aestheticism and ease of use, enabling Laravel developers to develop high-performing websites with multiple functionalities without writing too complex codes. 


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