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    The technology trends are evolving fast. Businesses are looking for opportunities and languages that help them accommodate these changes and create a unique brand identity. New programming languages have been making their way into the market with different benefits to these businesses. Python is a prevalent programming language with many features, APIs, and functions. Python offers many advantages for the flexibility and scalability of the applications. This has made Python a sought-after programming language for Android app development. Python is being used for all sorts of development, from python web development to android app development. This is the reason that businesses are ready to hire Python developers. They are also hiring android app developers. They can easily connect with an Android app development company for the same. 

    What makes Python even more interesting is the variety of Python tools for android app development.


    Let us look at the top 8 python tools helpful in android app development. 

    1. Kivy

    Kivy is one of the popular python tools for android app development. This tool was released in 2011 for Python developers to develop innovative mobile apps for multiple platforms, including Android, Linux, and macOS. KIVY is an open-source tool with Natural User Interface (NUI). It has many UI functions and a powerful library for developing cross-platform apps. 


    2. Beeware

    Beeware is a widely used python tool for Android app development. It is used to develop applications for multiple platforms, including iOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and macOS. Beeware is famous for open-source development, and the entire community of developers can modify the Beeware suite. 


    3. Chaquopy

    It is a Python SDK that can be used for Android app development. Using this tool, the developers can use different programming languages, including Kotlin and Python, to develop an Android application. It can be directly integrated with Android Studio. Developers get both options – using Java API for android app development and using Python API for android app development. It is also relatively easy for Android developers to start using Chaquopy. They can install it as a third-party plugin in Android Studio. 


    4. PySide

    PySide is a cross-platform GUI toolkit that can be used for free. This open-source framework allows you to share your views and report bugs freely. In addition, it offers a primary widgets-based UI that can be used to create attractive android applications. The PySide 2 module contains all the python bindings necessary for developing an application. The application developers use three main modules – Qt Core, Qt GUI, and Qt Widgets to use different GUI and visual elements. 


    5. Termux

    Termux is a popular Android terminal used by app developers and the android app testing community. This tool provides terminal access to Android OS and a fully functional Linux environment for the developers to work on. Using Termux, the developers can access many Linux features, including Secure ssh access for servers, various Linux shells, different programming languages including Perl and Python, and support for external keyboard and mouse. 


    6. PyMob

    Developers use PyMob to develop mobile apps. Using this framework, the developers can create applications for multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, and android. It has excellent documentation, which makes it easy to learn and use. The framework contains the library for accessing the mobility parameter and related database. It is known to be a very convenient platform for use where the developers can use a lot of data for app specifications. 


    7. PYQT Deploy

    As the name suggests, PYQT deploy is a tool used to deploy apps created using Python versions. PYQT app supports both – mobile and desktop apps. It offers distributable packages specific to the platform. It is a great app development tool for its GUI and Android API integration. The android developers use it to develop native android applications. 

    PYQT Deploy

    8. QPython

    QPython allows the developers to run python scripts on Android devices. It comes with different application framework support, including a library, console, interpreter, and editor. It also has many SL4A libraries. Runtime mode for android devices, UI toolkit, Q Mode & Web app mode, and standard library support are some of the benefits offered by QPython. 




    Python has been successfully used to develop android apps. It is a trustworthy and reliable android application development language. There are just eight tools, and many other python tools can help you develop an android application from scratch. These tools will help you fasten the development process and reduce the hassles in debugging and maintaining the application. Businesses should contact an Android development company to hire android app developers or python developers to integrate the best python tools and develop a robust android application.

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