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    Flutter is a great cross-platform application development platform that has improved with time. New versions introduce new fixes and improvements in Flutter to make it progressive and experimental. 2023 has been a great year for Flutter as it saw some major changes in the framework. Flutter witnessed many additions that improved the application's performance. From the web–based development support to Material design 3, we have witnessed a range of features that make Flutter suitable for every platform and operating system. Organizations keen to develop cross-platform apps are in a better state to hire dedicated Flutter developers to develop robust applications.

    Flutter 2, a successful update

    Flutter 2 has proved to be a major update for flutter. There have been some significant developments in web and desktop support.

    • We witnessed the transition of flutter web from the beta to a stable version. Now, organizations can choose flutter for web development with code reusability and other features successfully implemented. Flutter developers get HTML renderer along with the canvas-kit-based renderer to develop interactive web applications.
    • The Flutter desktop got new features including text selection pivot points, a built-in context menu, and grab handles. The scrollbar was also updated to support the desktop form factor. The platform-specific functionalities make flutter very smooth for the web and desktop. Companies can hire Flutter development services to develop high-performance applications.
    • The flutter team also commissioned the Flutter Folio scrapbooking app that runs seamlessly on different platforms. The flutter developers can take inspiration from its source code and develop adaptive apps.
    • We cannot skip the introduction of Google mobile Ads SDK that can be tailored for different scenarios.

    Flutter 2.2 Development

    Then came flutter 2.2 which made some additions to the iOS. The major update in Flutter was to make it capable of developing adaptive apps. Now organizations can hire Flutter developers to develop apps that have not only support different form factors but also different input types. Flutter 2.5 was a big release with many fixes and improvements for iOS and Android. Flutter 2.8 also brought in some significant changes.

    • The webview_flutter_plugin was introduced with Webview 3.0. The web gets the preliminary support in this version.
    • Another major update is about Firebase. All the Firebase plugins transitioned from Beta to stable, promoting the use of Flutter and Firebase to develop robust applications.
    • The Firebase can now be used from within DartPad. Also, flutterfire_UI was added to create the basic authentication experience.

    Flutter 2.8 also introduced significant changes that gave way to a stable release for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Let us now jump to the flutter 2.10 release which was a stable release for windows support.

    • Another significant update was the start of the transition to material 3 where the Flutter developers could use one single seed color to generate an entire color stream.

    Flutter 3 release

    Flutter 3 release was marked as a stable version for Linux, macOS as well as Windows. Many features have been added for the Linux and macOS support to make it ready for production on all desktop platforms. There were many updates for Material Design 3 which is seen as the coming generation of Material Design.

    Before the latest 3.3 version, there was the Flutter Vikings conference in which thousands of flutter developers participated. Flutter has matured over time and its package ecosystem has more than 25000 packages. This version brought in refinements and improvements along with some more support for the material Design 3.

    • The wondrous app is one of the important additions. This app showcases the power of Flutter by displaying videos of some of the most popular monuments of art, history, and culture.
    • Details about the new graphics engine named impeller have also been released which will be used by the Flutter developers to create silky-smooth animations and deliver a great user experience. It can be seen in action in the wondrous app. The Flutter developers can get the early adopter preview of the impeller on iOS.

    These are some of the major changes that flutter underwent in 2022. There were many improvements and bug fixes with every version.


    The year 2022 saw the journey from Flutter 2 to Flutter 3.3. The fixes, improvements, and new features have been introduced to make it a stable application development framework for web, mobile, and desktop. During the entire length of development, performance improvement has been at the core of focus. These changes will allow Flutter to stay as one of the most popular and promising cross-platform UI toolkits. The Flutter community is staying vibrant and progressive with conferences such as the Flutter Vikings conference that brings together the entire Flutter developer community under one roof. There is a high probability to witness new developments in Flutter. Organizations can now connect Flutter development services to develop applications for every platform.

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