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    The web world has witnessed a paradigm shift from desktop and laptop to mobile. The significant rise in Smartphone users has laid many companies, especially customer-centric businesses shift to mobile devices from the traditional website.

    Global Mobile Internet Usage Facts

    There are four billion unique smartphone users in the world and average adult in the United States spend around 142 minutes online via app or browsers, says Statista report in 2018.

    In recent years, internet uses through Smartphone has also witnessed significant growth. According to Statista report, “mobile devices accounted for 48% of web views worldwide” while the global data traffic is projected to grow seven-time high between the year 2017 to 2022. You can see in the image below that Global internet traffic via smartphone accounted for 47.96 percent while Asia and Africa top the rank with 60.08% and 54.08% respectively.
    So, if you are running an online venture or business, then you should have a mobile application now. If you are established, then it is important for you to have a mobile application for your enterprise business, but if you have a small business, then a mobile app is the must-have thing which you need to get it as soon as possible.

    We have witnessed many startups including some of our clients arguing why they need mobile application at the initial state of their businesses. We think they are highly mistaken or it could have the matter of past –not in today’s circumstances when the world is going through digital transformational changes. That you can see most of the online businesses are shifting to mobile app from the traditional website. In fact, it is part of their business strategy.
    Note: For a startup, it beneficial to adopt hybrid app development as you can get a single application utilized across cross-platforms such as Android and iOS. For the native-like app experience, you can choose React Native App Development.

    Coming to the core point, we would like to simplify it even further with the expertly suggested tips and benefits of mobile apps for your online business. After going through the article, you will come to know why you should have mobile app development for your SMEs.

    Top 7 Reasons You Should Get Mobile Application Now

    Sales and Business Growth

    Most the users, even if they shop offline, check the product online before buying anything from the store. That means you have chances to gain their faith and offers product and services with all ease. At the same time, you send your registered users (with app) personalized discounts vouchers directly through push notifications. It will let them know about your offerings and the changes are higher than they would come first to your app.

    Get More New Customers, Retain the Old One

    Getting a mobile app for your business means you provide your users accessibility of the store where they can browse and inquire about things they like to. At the same time, Native App Development can help you an effective and interactive mobile application which will have great UI/UX, ensuring to satisfy your users’ requirement.

    Shorter Time to Market

    If you have a small business, then advertising can cause you a great loss while the mobile app can do it easily. The mobile app helps you create better brand awareness among your users. For example, the users don’t need to move to other places for getting offer and deals for your products and they can easily grab them.

    Enhanced Customer Service

    Providing real-time customer services to your users and bring a huge positive impact on your business. First, it will help you win more loyal customers. And the second, your customers will be brand ambassadors and they can make magical differences.

    Real-Time Data

    Not only your customers, but you also get rich customers’ data right through the devices. For example, you can check real-time data and take an analysis of customers and their interest. When your data at hand, you are likely to be more focused on what your customers want and how to lure them back to the online store.

    Final Words

    ManekTech, a mobile app development company can assist you for your next big iPhone App, Android App or Hybrid App development project.  Mobile App Development is the lifeline for your business and you can’t do anything without accepting the disruptive technologies. Let’s hire a perfect Mobile App Development Company and incredible mobile application right in the deadline. For any business related app or queries, feel free to contact us or call us (+91-79-48916427) to get free quotes.

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