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    With attractive pay scales and promising career growth, many engineers are aspiring to take full-stack development as their profession. Undoubtedly it is a profession that is much talked about in the IT industry. Thus, it is mandatory to know why it is so popular and how the wanna-be person can lead a successful career as a full-stack developer. 

    So, who is a full-stack developer?

    A full-stack developer has all-inclusive skills and can handle front-end and back-end both, which are the two main areas of any software application. Where front-end development takes care of the client's side face of the application, back-end development powers the application's server-side and keeps the show running. Now comes full-stack development, which is an amalgamation of these both. A software stack is a collection of numerous components that builds a software application and ensures it works flawlessly.

    These technology components, which are together in an application, make the full-stack. A full-stack engineer can handle both front-end and back-end technologies and have a great understanding of web architecture. Before understanding the roadmap to become a full-stack engineer in 2023, check out some of the primary responsibilities of one;

    • Obtain project requirements from the clients
    • Understand the requirements and suggest the solutions
    • Design the user side
    • Create database
    • Creating custom APIs 
    • Client Communication and Project Management 
    • Work on coding using the suitable technologies
    • Go on for testing and troubleshooting
    • Indulge in cross-platform optimization
    • Contribute to the development of a quality application 

    What all do you need to be a full-stack developer?

    As mentioned above, if you want to be a full-stack developer, you must have knowledge of not only front-end and back-end technologies but also servers and databases. In addition to this, you also need to have a good understanding of various development frameworks and third-party libraries. Furthermore, large enterprises hire full-stack developers with technical skills as well as good soft skills to handle global clients with ease. Therefore, a strong computer science background with a good grasp of market trends and requirements is equally important. 

    Full Stack development model

    When trailblazing prevails in the IT industry, a full-stack developer must stay ahead of the technology curve. However, we should not forget that the era of decentralization and blockchain technologies is also here. So, understanding Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain technology is equally crucial if you want to compete with your peers in the long run and want a dominating career. 

    Software Stacks a Full Stack Developer Needs to Know

    In addition to the above-mentioned technical skills, a full-stack developer should also know handling software stacks, which are highly useful in full-stack development. A software stack is the group of parts that a website or web application development requires to function correctly. It essentially consists of a server, an operating system, database software, and a programming language. A full-stack developer can choose from various heaps to create an application or website, depending on the project's needs. The front-end and back-end development stacks are distinct from one another. One of the most used software stacks is;

    LAMP- This stack comprises the operating system-Linux; the server- Apache; the relational database- MySQL; and-, the programming language- PHP. 

    MEAN- Recognized as the ideal JavaScript framework, the MEAN stack consists of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. This stack makes building websites and applications easy in JavaScript. 

    MERK- Considered ideal for building dynamic websites, MERK stack covers MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. It follows the conventional three-tier architectural pattern, including the front-end display tier, application tier, and database tier. 

    Why become a Full-stack developer?

    The job that combines creativity and technicalities, Full-stack development is a comprehensive software development approach that gives you vast industry experience. Along with a handsome pay scale, it also provides a person with the exposure that can help a developer to have a bright future. 

    • High demand, great pay- With increased demand comes luring payscale. As a result, IT companies are now pursuing versatile full-stack developers who can deliver comprehensive solutions and are willing to pay them well. Many developers start their careers as front-end or back-end developers and jump into full-stack development after getting 360-degree exposure and experience. So, if you also want to make the most of your know-how, taking a leap into full-stack development can be the right choice.
    • Creative flexibility- As you know the ins and outs of development, you can choose how to work and indulge in the development process. You can work simultaneously on various areas or take up them all one by one. This flexibility enables the developer to think out of the box and gives creative solutions. 
    • Giving versatile experience- As full-stack developers work for all three software application layers, their demand is increasing globally. This not only gives them a broader ground to grow and learn but also gives them versatile experience. Moreover, increasingly large enterprises are gauging the importance of having a full-stack developer on board. Thus, they are getting good exposure to work with big names and ameliorate their profile. 
    • More power and productivity- More power comes with more responsibility to develop better applications. As a full-stack developer can see the broader picture having a thorough knowledge, the organizations depend on their decisions and give them more chances to deliver further.

    The demand for full-stack developers is increasing, and the developers will see soaring careers for them in the coming days. Thus, getting yourself ready for a full-stack development job will give you a broad scope as large enterprises hire full-stack developers in India and globally. This trend is predicted to be hiked in 2023, so get ready to make the most out of the full-stack revolution. 


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