Are you wondering how you can leverage the most out of your eCommerce store? We all know that eCommerce websites have become mandatory for any product-based business in this digital age. And, you can easily hire an eCommerce website development company and create a website. But is this all you need? Is it enough? Expert eCommerce developers can help you focus on many other aspects necessary for increasing the reach of your website.

We have listed the steps you can follow to increase your sales and traffic to your eCommerce store/ website.

1. Create awareness on social media

Spreading awareness about your website is essential to increase its reach. Let maximum people know that you exist and the reason behind it. Social media can be used for numerous things regarding advertising and marketing. The global social media penetration rate is estimated to be 58.4%, which cannot be underestimated. You can start with advertisements on different social media platforms and then get on to influencer marketing and running giveaway campaigns. Social media marketing will help you spread your brand name across the estimated 4.6Bn active social media users. 

2. Work On Reminders

Acquiring new customers goes hand-in-hand with customer retention. Keep the consumers interested in your websites with discounts, referrals, and giveaways. Email marketing is another channel for keeping consumers in the loop. Hire eCommerce developers to get an idea of all such marketing tactics. 

3. Stay Relevant

All your efforts in eCommerce development will go in vain if you do not work on staying relevant with the changing times. You can take the help of content marketing to create content relevant to the trends and consumer demands. Create quality content that people look up to. 

4. Enhance User Experience

User experience has emerged as a critical differentiator in these times when everyone can easily use every kind of technology for eCommerce development. Ecommerce development companies also provide you with UX experts. Besides the design, there are many other things to be worked upon, including:

  • Website responsiveness

People may not pay a second visit if the website is slow. Therefore, make sure that every page loads within microseconds.

  • Clear CTAs

Call-To-Action creates a sense of urgency. Additionally, the ease of use compels many users to press the button. 

  • The fast and hassle-free checkout process

Reports suggest that about 70% of consumers abandon the cart for various reasons, such as higher shipping costs and lengthy procedures. It is better to keep the payment process hassle-free

  • Better customer service with instant chat feature

The chat feature will instantly clear any doubt in the consumer's mind and encourage them to purchase on the website.

  • Security 

Get an SSL certificate, implement solid passwords and every other security measure that instills trust in the user for sharing their details. Hire an eCommerce developer to implement all the security features on your website. 

5. Research Using the Website and User Data

You can use the available user data to generate an email list and create user personas. Similarly, you can use the website data such as the best-selling product, the best time to post blogs, and the page with the minor visits to understand your weakness and strengths. You can gain insight into every user with the help of these statistics and offer them better deals to encourage them to make purchases. 

6. Stay at the top of the search list

Continue using SEO keywords on the website. Take care of SEO implementation in content marketing. Your blogs can help you cut the competition and stay ahead. A higher ranking on the search engine implies better penetration in the consumers. At the same time, focus on creating internal and external links. Create a good relationship with other businesses for them to mention the link to your website on their blogs. 


Owning an eCommerce website can be very engaging if you wish to churn profits. An eCommerce website development company can give you a fair idea about all aspects that need your attention to increase traffic to your website. In addition, you can get in touch with an eCommerce development company or Hire an eCommerce developer to push the boundaries of your growth towards better sales and brand recognition. 

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