How To Select Between Dedicated Developers And In-House Developers?

Software development is an unescapable and crucial work for any company. Any company has to include different professionals and talents to accomplish one goal. Today, there are multiple options for hiring professionals. While the culture of hiring in-house developers is widespread, hiring dedicated developers is gaining popularity at a fast pace. You can easily hire dedicated developers in India and other countries. The presence of these two options comes down to be very confusing. Which one should you go with – in-house developers or dedicated developers? We have made a list of pros and cons for both options to help you in decision-making.

You can look at these details to understand them and make decisions. 

In-House Developer

The in-house developer is the developer hired by your company to work for you full-time. This developer is a full-time employee that enjoys every perk, from paid vacations to company refreshments. Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of hiring an in-house developer. 


  • Face-to-face communication

The in-house developer comes to your company for work which allows you to have-to-face communication whenever you want. This communication gets the upper hand over phone calls and emails. Moreover, 24X7 availability will enable you to transfer the information at a faster pace which contributes to a better development ecosystem.

  • Complete control

The in-house developer will give all the time to your requirement with you guiding all of their activities on any day. So, you get reasonable control of the developer and the deliveries.

  • Team bonding

The in-house developer is present in the team, allowing them to mix up and create a great bond with the teammates. This encourages the developers to have a smooth development cycle and coordinate with their teammates.


  • High cost

Any company has to bear expenses, including workstations, leave payments, and insurance. This cost also varies based on location and sector.

  • Extended hiring process

Hiring even one in-house developer can be a tedious job. First, the requirement has to be formally rolled out on every job portal. A series of interviews follow this. This consumes a lot of time and resources. 

  • Limited choice

You generally get to hire developers located only in your location. This reduces your option of coming across and hiring an excellent developer. 

Dedicated Developers

The dedicated developer is the term used for a dedicated developer working alone or with a software Development Company. You can hire dedicated developers for software development. First, let us take a look at the pros and cons.


  • The faster and better hiring process

In case you hire a dedicated development team from a third party, you need not invest time in assessing the knowledge of each developer. The company will be responsible for the quality of development. Only the agreement part falls into your lap, and you get the best talents for your project. 

  • Flexibility

With experts on board, you get the flexibility to fasten the development and make changes. You get the flexibility to be agile.

  • Cost-effectiveness

You get rid of the expenses on a workstation, leaves, conveyance, and other components that are offered to full-time employees. Therefore, choosing to hire dedicated programmers can prove to be very cost-effective. Cons

  • Remote work

The remote location of the employees can be one of the limitations. However, employers can use the apps such as Skype and Gmail to stay connected with the developers. 

  • Cultural differences

Different locations can bring up cultural differences between you and the developers. Besides the time zone, there can be a difference in professionalism and approach.

  • Time zone differences

Different locations have different time zones. When you hire remote developers, you coordinate and manage the time zone differences.


Both options have their pros and cons. The decision to hire developers depends on many factors, including the budget, timeline, expertise, and many other things. Besides all the mentioned pros, the third party provides you all-in-one service. This implies that the software development company will be taking care of all aspects, from testing to development. You only have to pay the development cost. Moreover, on a deeper look, you will realize that all the cons of the dedicated developers are recoverable. Remote working is a traditional work culture today, and managing time zone differences is very easy with different technologies that connect people. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you have all the agreements and contracts in place. Always have a one-on-one discussion before hiring the developers to understand the work culture of the developers. Then, connect with a software development company today to outsource the software development and focus on your business goals to achieve them faster. 

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