Java is a very popular programming language used to develop numerous applications across the globe in varied industries. In the year 2022, it was one of the most demanded programming languages, with many recruiters looking to hire Java developers. The community of java developers is ever-growing. At the same time, software companies are eager to hire java developers. Java has acquired global recognition, and you can easily hire java developers in India and other developing economies. 

Anyone dealing with Java, especially java developers, should be abreast with the latest updates. Java 19 is the latest in the programming language that comes with many new features and enhancements. In addition, it is a milestone where certain expected features will be released, and other features, such as universal generics, may be released in coming versions. 

Let us take a look at some of the highlights of additions in the features and enhancements in the Java 19 release. 


The multitasking in multithread programming is simplified with the addition of API. This API is meant to benefit the multithread coding capacity in Java, making it more reliable and observable. Furthermore, this API is a progressive step in using concurrent programming techniques to reduce shutdown hazards and cancellations. 

2. Vector API

Vector API has been introduced for mathematical vector computations. It can be mapped to the SIMD CPUs. We already have vector API in earlier releases. The JDK19 release brings in the fourth iteration of the API. Here the API has been extended to add and store the new vector additions and then use the memory segment to read them.

3. Pattern Matching for Switch

The Java programming language has become more prosperous with switch statements and expressions in this release. A particular swit1ch statement can be used to check the class and characteristics of an object. With pattern matching in switch, a Java developer can test an expression against several patterns using a specific action. This development in this release has been made to handle complex data-oriented queries safely. 

4. Record Patterns

Record patterns in Java programming language are aimed toward boosting data navigation and processing. It can be nested with type patterns to give a robust and composable form of data navigation. The pattern matching was already added to the JDK 16 to the instance of an operator. 

5. Foreign Function and Memory API

The API allows the Java programs to use and operate with data and code outside the Java runtime. The API efficiently invokes foreign functions and accesses foreign memory. The Java programs can use this API to call native libraries to process the native data without worrying about the effect of JNI. The API is in the preview stage, and minor changes and fixes can be done in the coming days. 

6. Virtual Threads

Virtual threads can be one of the most exciting additions in Java 19. It was developed many years back but could not be released due to the lack of testing with a self-compiled JDK. The virtual threads have been finally officially released in this release. We are talking about the lightweight threads meant to reduce the efforts in creating and maintaining concurrent applications with high throughput. 

7. New System Properties

stderr. encoding and stdout. encoding are the two new system property additions in Java 19. The default values of these properties are going to be dependent on the system. 

8. HTTPS Channel Binding Support

Java GSS/Kerberos supports TLS binding tokens for authentication over HTTPS. These additions are made to enhance security. The channel forms a communication link between the client and server to convey the client's understanding of connection security bindings. The server, in turn, can shut down the session in case of any MITM attack. 

We have only listed the highlights, and there is much more in Java 19, including support for Unicode 14.0 and TLS signature schemes. 


Java is a very popular language. Businesses planning to use Java can connect with Java development companies to use the full features of Java. If you are looking forward to hiring remote java developers, you should enquire about their knowledge. The decision to hire a dedicated java developer should be followed by interviews and discussions to understand the developer's knowledge of the ongoing changes in Java. Java keeps getting updated with new features and bug fixes. A good Java developer will assess your requirement and map them with the Java features to deliver the best solution. For your understanding, you can check out the details about Java 19 and update your knowledge repository to hire the best talent. Then, start using Java as the programming language to develop safe, robust, and scalable solutions.

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