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    We started with Multi-page applications (MPA), where new pages from the server were loaded with every click. They have been widely used over the years. However, these MPAs consumed time to load, making the server slow. None of the consumers would want to waste their time creating MPAs due to poor application performance. With time, single-page applications gained prominence over multi-page applications. 

    What is a Single Page Application?

    A Single Page Application (SPA) is a web application that dynamically reloads the page elements without loading the entire page from the server. This reduces the load on the server, increasing the page loading time. Eventually, the application owners benefit from a better customer experience. As a result, we have witnessed the success of a number of single-page applications, including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Netflix. 

    Benefits of Single-Page Applications

    1. Fast page loading

    2. Improved caching

    3. Better user experience

    4. Easy feature-rich applications

    5. Scalability

    Angular JS for SPA Development

    Angular JS is a JavaScript framework used to develop single-page applications. It works on the client side, and the browser is used to load the applications instead of the servers. Angular JS, introduced by Google in 2009, has gained immense popularity for single-page application development. It is known to create lighter and faster apps. In addition, it is all about outstanding performance, high flexibility, and easy maintenance. Therefore, companies prefer AngularJS to create interactive and dynamic single-page applications. 

    What Makes Angular JS So Popular?

    Angular JS comes with numerous features, including two-way data binding, modularization, and dependency injection. As a result, Angularjs developers can develop dynamic web applications without dependency on third-party libraries. In particular, we can talk about three features of Angular JS that offer immense advantages. 

    1. MVC architecture

    With MVC architecture comes the distinction of the entire web app into three different parts, which are model, view, and controller. The parallel development of all three parts ensures scalability and easy maintenance. 

    2. Two-way data binding

    This two-way data binding synchronizes the model and the view, which implies that the view changes with the changes in the data in the model. This saves time and effort in writing codes for the continual model and view synchronization. 

    3. Dependency Injection

    This mechanism to pass dependencies allows the Angularjs developers to configure dependencies without making changes to the app module. They can also reuse this module across multiple modules. 

    Why is Angular JS a Great Framework for Single Page Application Development?

    Companies are hiring Angular JS development companies to leverage the advantages. From fast development to long-term maintenance, Angular JS enables developers to create a feature-rich single-page app. Some of the other reasons that make Angular js a clear winner are listed below:

    • No dependencies

    Angular JS passes dependencies unlike other development frameworks like ember JS which has dependencies on jQuery and handlebars. 

    • Web page routing

    It is easier to navigate between the different web pages of the application. Angular JS uses lightweight directives which benefit the performance metrics of Angular JS. 

    • Automated testing support

    Testing tools like Selenium can be employed for quality assurance testing after the development. Again, this saves a lot of time.

    • Multi-browser support

    Companies hire angular js developers to develop applications that perform seamlessly across different browsers. Furthermore, these applications can be run on every remote device, including tablets and mobile phones. 

    • Flexibility and scalability

    This feature holds significance for business owners. They would not like to approach angular js services for every new feature. Angular JS gives them the ground to make further requests. The developers implement controllers in the architecture to change the new demands. The developers can choose from 3000 modules to make changes in the application without writing new codes. All in all, Angular JS allows business owners to tweak the application according to market trends and consumer demands. 

    Angular JS adds a lot of value to the application. Business owners should Hire dedicated Angular JS developers to make the best out of all these features. 


    AngularJS is one of the most popular and powerful single-page application development frameworks. It helps organizations reduce operating costs and create a seamless customer experience. The agility provided by Angular JS can be a boon for every business in this highly competitive environment. However, minor factors such as slow loading time can allow competitors to take advantage. If you have been thinking of creating a web application, you must explore the benefits of Angular JS from a development and business perspective. Hire an angular js development company today to develop the best application that serves your business goals. 

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