Laravel Vs. Phalcon Vs. CodeIgniter - Which One Should You Choose?

Writing the blog aims to give readers an insight into various popular web-application frameworks that help design the websites according to different businesses. The comparison will help the readers to make a better choice while choosing a framework. The article also facilitates giving immense knowledge and understanding towards the widely used frameworks.

The blog will lead you to a description and features of the three powerful frameworks—also, the reasons for choosing a particular framework. The article further leads you to the tabular comparison of Laravel, Phalcon, and CodeIgniter on a different basis.


Laravel is a progressive web-application framework with powerful and refined syntax. It provides an expressive structure that enables us to focus on creating applications. Laravel comes with outstanding features of thorough dependency injection, impressive database abstraction layer, queues, scheduled jobs, and more. It provides support for artisan commands along with a sample code line interface.

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  • Provides excellent support and framework
  • Offers support and stability
  • Easy third party integrations
  • Effective quality control sessions
  • Modular packaging
  • Built-in authentication

Why Laravel?

Laravel is the best choice to design modern full-stack web applications.

The reason for choosing Laravel-

1. Progressive: Laravel grows with you. Whether you are a learner or an expert in web development, Laravel is for everyone.

2. Scalable: Laravel allows you to run applications at a nearly limitless scale on AWS’s latest serverless technology.

3. Community: Thousands of developers have contributed to designing the framework for Laravel.


Phalcon Web Development is the fastest PHP framework ever built, delivered as C-extension. It provides ready-to-use classes and functions for any application. Phalcon development mounts upon an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use pattern called dependency injection. Phalcon is a manageable and secure scripting language. Also, it is an open-source framework. Hire remote Phalcon developers for easy web-application designing.


  • Creates independent framework
  • Provides object-relational mapping
  • Low overhead
  • Provides the autoloading mechanism
  • Full-stack applications
  • Advanced routing capabilities

Why Hire Phalcon developers India?

1. Phalcon PHP development services offer an innovative architecture that is the choice of every developer.

2. Phalcon development framework does not require extended operations and interpretations at every process.

3. You can hire Phalcon Developers India for small- scale to large--scale applications.

4. Phalcon Web development provides remarkable databases with an orchestration layer and view layer.


CodeIgniter is a robust PHP-based framework with simple and elegant features for building dynamic websites. It also works on MVC(model-view-controller) development pattern. CodeIgniter is famous for its speed, efficiency, and lightness.


  • Extremely light-weighed
  • Offer session management
  • Image manipulation library
  • Error logging
  • File uploading class
  • Data Validation
  • In-built class support
  • The facility of data encryption

Why CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter comes with a variety of exceptional features.

1. Small Footprint: It comes with a 2MB download with user manual

2. Simple solutions: It gives practical and simple solutions to complex issues and problems.

3. Consistency: It is highly consistent with working and performs best even under pressure.

4. Security: It facilitates security at its best and comes with built-in protection against all forms of attacks of CSRF and XSS

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Comparison of Laravel Vs. Phalcon Vs. CodeIgniter

Basis of comparisonLaravelPhalconCodeIgniter
DefinitionLaravel is a web-application framework with special syntax.Phalcon offers high performance due to the C extension web framework which works with lower resource consumption.CodeIgniter is an open PHP web application framework that is very agile with a small footprint.
Database model
Relational object-orientedObject-orientedObject-oriented
AuthenticationFeatures do come with authenticationHighly AuthenticFeatures do not come with authentication
Testing ToolIt has an in-built testing toolIt has an in-built testing toolIt doesn’t have an in-built testing tool
Easy to LearnComplicatedComplicatedEasy
SpeedFastExtremely fastNot that fast
StructureMVC structureMVC structureMVC structure
Template Language
Blade template engineC extensionPHP
Project codeNot that lightLight and cleanLight
Online helpProvides documentation and online helpComes with documentationIt comes with a manual and in-built functionality


Laravel, Phalcon, and CodeIgniter are well-known and widely-used frameworks. These frameworks have different speeds and capacities. Laravel is one of the highest used PHP frameworks, but Phalcon and CodeIgniter are also not behind.

Each framework has its market. Thus it would not be right to compare any framework with each other—the application and selection of framework changes as per the requirement.

With the above comparison, we can say that Phalcon and Laravel have more features and configurations than CodeIgniter. In terms of weight, CodeIgniter is exceptionally light weighted as compared to the two.

Codelgniter needs updation and more authentication. While Phalcon and Laravel update according to the need and requirements of various businesses. Phalcon is the fastest among CodeIgniter and Laravel.

We hope the above comparison helps the readers and provides them with good knowledge about well-known frameworks. The idea behind the blog is not to degrade or position any framework on the minds of readers. It is a mere comparison for better understanding.

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