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    ManekTech, a mobile app and software development company, is proud to announce that we have been named by Clutch as one of the top mobile app developers in Clutch’s 2019 report. 891 companies out of thousands listed on the site were selected for this annual award. It’s an honor to be featured prominently on this list. Clutch has also ranked us as one of the top mobile app developers in Ahmedabad.

    “India is a hub for development companies,” said Senior Business Analyst Alaina Stevenson. “These businesses were able to set themselves apart in an incredibly competitive market. They provide high-quality services and their vast reviews and portfolio items prove that they deserve to be leaders.”

    Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks companies according to a number of criteria, including market presence, quality of work, and how well they’re reviewed by their past clients. So far, Clutch has done in-depth interviews with 20 of our past clients (!), all of whom have given us great reviews. Here are a few of the notable excerpts:

    "The best part about working with them is their responsiveness." - Owner, Vacation TV Company
    "I trust them to perform well due to their demonstrated skill and expertise." – Owner, Two Sparrows Ltd.
    “They make sure their clients are thoroughly satisfied, often going above and beyond what is required of them.” - CEO, Real Estate Software Company

    Clutch also has two sister sites, Visual Objects, which highlights developers that do outstanding creative or design work, and The Manifest, which allows prospective clients to quickly browse summaries of business’s locations, costs, and services.

    ManekTech is ranked on The Manifest on the list of leading Shopify developers. We were featured for our focus on eCommerce development, as well as a project we did with a real estate company.

    We wanted to thank all of our clients who helped us to get this far, and who had such kind words to say about our work. We are committed to continuing providing excellent service, and to growing with Clutch. It’s validating and humbling to hear from our clients all over the world, including the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, South Africa, and many others. Please read more about our unique services on our site, and reach out with any questions about how we can deliver these for your business.

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