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    You may have a developer friend who might have helped to create a feature for nothing or may have helped you solve a few loopholes in your existing software system. But can you expect the same from strange developers? Or. Can you find any mobile app development company that offers free developers for your project? The answer would be a big “NO”. You need to hire developers.  

    But, it’s possible with Manektech as you get developers for your project for free. No doubt, there are terms and conditions to grab free developers. Still, it’s a great buy. So, let’s talk about how you can hire dedicated developers for free

    What is the Offer?

    The ManekTech software firm currently offers free developers to all its existing and new clients. The offer is for a limited period, albeit the last date for the offer is yet to be decided. The core part of the offer is - you will get free developers for 40 long hours. That means you can hire any developers from the firm and take their help for any project for the offered period. 

    How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Free?

    You have two options to hire dedicated developers for your project. Here are the details;

    If you are an existing client

    You need to connect with your SPOC ( Single Point Of Contact ) or sales team and discuss the requirements. As you are the existing client, directly connect using the available contact options with you. Or, you can connect with the firm by emailing and filling out the contact us form. Once you discuss your project, the team will assign you the developers for free. 

    Note: The offer does not apply to the ongoing project. 

    If you are a new client

    If you know your requirement or have an idea, you connect with the sales team using the preferred communication channel. Or, you can log in to the Manektech website and send your requirements using the contact us form. You can also call directly using the given communication channel, such as Contact us or Email. 

    What Will Happen After The Firm Receives Your Message?

    Once your message is received, the sales team will contact you within 24/hr. They will know your requirements. They will R&D and will get back to you again in a few hours or within 12 hours max. 

    They will present you with the execution plan and offer you to hire free developers for a trial. Once the trial period is over, you can opt out of the plan, or you can continue with us using our paid services. 

    The agency will not charge any penny if you do not wish to continue, albeit the developers are experienced and skilled, so you do not have to do so. And they are offering to hire developers at cost-effective rates; hence, you can grab the best software development services by investing less. 

    Final Thoughts 

    I hope you understand how you can hire developers for your project without paying a single penny. You can contact the sales team and thoroughly review the entire process. You can also connect with the CTO for better clarification, and if you find it a good buy, then it’s the best option available for your project. 

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