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    The website security issue isn’t urgent until our website is attacked or put down by the hackers. With an increasing number of entrepreneurs and internet users, it becomes essential to protect your digital assets, such as business website and social media profiles. Your customers are the heart of your business, so protecting them is as essential as your business. Here are a few steps that you can implement in your website development to make sure your business and customers are protected all the time.

    #1 Use Strong Admin Usernames and Passwords:

    Not using strong usernames and passwords make your website prone to be attacked by hackers. Hackers can easily hack your account using brute force techniques if you set obvious usernames and passwords. Avoid using your name, birthday or any other word from the dictionary. Use a combination of uppercase & lower case alphabets, special characters and numbers to ensure it is strong enough to protect your data and customers’ accounts.

    #2 Limit Admin Logins to Specific IPs:


    You can add more security to your website’s admin panel by restricting admin access to specific IP ranges. This not only prevents potential hackers from attacking your website, but it also limits the access from unknown sources. You can easily configure certain IPs in your CMS or eCommerce store or choose an expert website design and development company to do all the configurations.

    #3 Secure Your Website with SSL Certificate:

    The SSL certificate is an additional layer of protection for both businesses and their customers. Having an SSL certificate makes your visitors feel safe using your website. When you install an SSL certificate, it encrypts the data transmitted through your website on the internet. It assures your users that the digital medium is safe to pass any information over the web browsers. This prevents hackers from intercepting the information that travels between servers and browsers

    #4 Take Regular Backups:

    The most common question asked by many people is how frequently we should backup our website data. The answer is the question: How often do you update your website? If you make changes every day, it is advisable that you back up every day. For high-end websites, you should hire a well-established website development company that has a pool of IT professionals to maintain and back-up your website data proficiently.

    #5 Install Firewall and Antivirus Software:

    There are a number of tools and methods to protect your data and prevent breaches. Each open source platform has its own firewall plugins that can be set up and configured to add a protective layer to your website. You can also enable Google Webmaster Tools on your site which can notify you if it finds any abnormal activity going on in your website. You can also install antivirus software to protect your website as well as system from malicious threats.

    #6 Use Secure Website Hosting Platform:

    Using the right business website development platform or service provider can greatly reduce your security concerns. Top eCommerce providers like OpenCart and BigCommerce make a website security topmost priority by protecting their clients’ information and web servers. They offer fully secured checkout process that are backed by PCI-compliant payment processors.

    #7 Hide Admin Pages:

    You would not want search engines to crawl your admin pages. That is because if the admin pages are not indexed, then it is difficult for attackers to locate them. SQL injection is the most common attack on admin pages that is used to intercept or manipulate your database. Therefore, you should use robots_txt file to forbid search engines from indexing your website.


    It is very important for any business, whether big or small, to protect their online assets. The good news is ManekTech is here to provide you with complete security essentials to protect your online portal in real-time. We thoroughly understand each security measure and work hard to integrate them flawlessly in your business website. So, contact us today and secure your website in the best possible way.

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