Telemedicine – An Efficient Solution to Fight Pandemic

During this time when social distancing is the primary measure to prevent the spread of virus, the telemedicine software development emerged as a major technology for efficient and safe treatment. The telemedicine software or telehealth software or doctor on demand software provides alternative ways to healthcare bodies and institutions to provide Virus treatments to patients with minimum exposure to the virus. It has presented itself as an ideal solution to limiting patients’ admission in the hospitals, allowing hospitals to accommodate important cases, all while preventing the spread of the disease.

What is Telemedicine and How it Works?

As more people are diagnosed with corona virus recently, the use of telemedicine apps has increased greatly. Telehealth or Telemedicine is a dynamic chat app that is based on video-call technology. Just like Google Hangouts or Skype, you can talk to doctors who can provide medical assistance through video chat. You can save your precious time and take care of yourself rather than visiting a clinic and risk yourself to get contracted with corona virus. However, the choice of physicians depends on the number of doctors registered with the app. These telemedicine apps also provide assistance for other medical problems, like blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

What are the benefit of Telemedicine software During Virus Pandemic

As the corona virus is taking down the whole world with its spread, telemedicine offers a sustainable solution for prevention, precaution and treatment to stop its spread. Telemedicine software bridges the gap between patients, doctors, health workers and health institutions, allowing everyone to contact physicians through virtual channels without having to visit them. While staying at home, patients can communicate with medical staff and physicians, which helps in avoiding the spread of the virus.

Moreover, telemedicine apps can also be helpful for non-urgent communication, which can reduce the pressures faced by medical bodies. By utilizing telemedicine solutions, patients who are suffering from other medical problems can receive treatment from home, without having to visit healthcare facilities and minimizing the risk of contacting the corona virus.

Assess Patients Virtually

Limiting the exposure of the virus infected patients is the key rule to prevent the spread of the virus. Sorting patients by online surveys and telephone will prevent high-risk patients from transmitting the infection. Patients from their home can opt for initial screening, and once the symptoms tend to appear, the physician may advise them to visit the hospital. Even in the medical facility, patients can be roomed alone to run examination with the use of telemedicine video chat feature. Potential infections can be observed and evaluated through telehealth services, which aids in avoiding viral transmission.

Reducing Risk for Healthcare Professionals

As medical workers need to stay fit and disease-free, the concept of telemedicine skyrocketed. Both WHO and CDC have urged healthcare facilities to make use of telemedicine to monitor virus contracted patients and avoid the spread of the virus by visiting the hospitals.

Every healthcare worker is working relentlessly hard to help patients recover from the virus. With telemedicine services, they can sort out patients into different groups, such as at no risk, mild and critical, and can take appropriate measures to treat their disease. Pre-screening can help them take the right actions, which can save a considerable amount of time, and thus keeping viruses at bay.

Chronic patients can consult doctors from home and avoid face to face visits, which minimizes the risk of contracting the virus to healthcare workers. Medicines from chronic diseases can be delivered to their home. In addition, in-clinic visits of patients with mild respiratory infection can be followed up attentively. If there is any change in the patient’s health condition, necessary actions can be taken instantly. Telemedicine apps provide around the clock service to patients, offering peace of mind in these hard times.

Reducing the Burden on Hospitals

Telemedicine services have proven to reduce the burden on hospitals and medical facilities as they deal with corona patients. However, the doctors may have to dedicate extra time to examine patients through telemedicine app alongside treating other virus patients, which is far better than screening patients in-person. It is worth noticing that any health organization using telemedicine services has seen a number of benefits. Even something as basic as implementing online waiting room feature will prevent patients from gathering in a close proximity while they wait for their tests. Thus, the use of telemedicine services has contributed significantly in alleviating the overall stress on all medical facilities during this pandemic.

Coinciding of Multiple Organizations

Telemedicine services have the ability to bring together a number of healthcare organizations into one single network. This network can include physical locations of private and government clinics, rehab facilities, patients’ information and other details that are critical for any patient. Everybody can use any device, such as smartphone or computer to connect with health professionals and exchange data about their condition.

The Rise of the Use Telemedicine App

Prior to this pandemic, doctor on demand and telemedicine services were not widely adopted. In fact, only 1 out of 10 patients in the USA used telemedicine services.  This widespread disease has drastically increased this figure. Now patients and stakeholders both are scrambling to find a telemedicine application that fulfills their purpose while keeping them safe. Several telemedicine service providers like PlushCare and Amwell has received more 70% and 150% of app download in the USA respectively since January.

As virus pandemic is overloading hospitals, and utilizing all the available staff and resources, some institutions may not have all the equipment to provide remote consultation. In times where medical staff itself has got infected and quarantined, the availability of medical services is even shorter. By having advanced telemedicine services, doctors and physicians can expand their reach even if they are quarantined. They can remotely screen patients and reduce the number of patients entering medical facilities.

How Hospitals can Prepare to Use Telemedicine Service During this Pandemic?

Hospitals have not really leveraged telemedicine services in the past, but as virus wrestles with healthcare system, we have seen more healthcare facilities adopt to these technologies to save patients as well as their medical staff. Hospitals that choose to adopt telehealth technologies will see more benefits than current needs.

The two main aspects of telemedicine adaptation during this time is hospitals can expand their health services and find ways to train medical staff on a shortened duration. The telemedicine is such as an ideal solution that it doesn’t make sense not to use it. Many organizations have already started using it to serve their patients better. However, for organizations that have not used telemedicine technology before, training may be a big trouble. Fortunately, most telemedicine app development company offers efficient training programs to help users launch the application as soon as possible.

Telemedicine services have truly revolutionized the healthcare system, especially in hard times like this. With telemedicine apps, patients can be attended immediately and the physician can remotely diagnose patients through video chat, identify the cause of the disease and suggest medicines. Patients can save their time and money through online consultation and doctors can dedicate their time in productivity.

If your organization is searching for a reliable and efficient telemedicine app or telemedicine software, contact ManekTech right away. We will help you develop robust telemedicine applications to reach out patients across the country, all online.

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