Selecting the right front end development tools is not an easy task. The main aim of the front end development tools is to improve efficiency of developers and make the entire development process simpler, faster and better. Presently, there are many development tools in the market, and each one of them has its own pros and cons. If you want to choose an ideal web application development tool, you need to know about different tools and technologies that can accelerate your business growth and deliver value to your users. In this post, we will discuss top 6 front-end development tools of 2020.

1 React

Developed by Facebook, React is more than a web development framework. It is a JavaScript-based library that has gained immense popularity because of its radical component-based architecture, known for offering extreme flexibility which other frameworks started to use much later. React focuses on reusable components that enable very quick and easy interface creation. One of its main advantages is it allows developers to use their knowledge of developing mobile apps using React Native counterparts. React is, thus, the fastest web development tool available in the market right now and it is going to be a popular choice in 2020.

2 Angular

Angular is another JavaScript based library that is developed and managed by Google. Angular was started as a side project in 2009 which was aimed to simplify the web development, but in 2016 it was completely rewritten to transform into a front-end development tool for web, desktop and mobile applications. Compared to other frameworks, the significant benefit of Angular is it has a robust set of functions and extremely flexible. With features like template syntax, command line tools, two-way binding and dependency injection, Angular requires less effort, boosts speed and delivers high performance. Angular is highly preferred for single page applications as well as dynamic and progressive web applications.

3 Vue.JS

Vue.JS is a pretty new web development framework that is acquiring popularity amongst web app development companies for building responsive user interfaces and single page applications. One of the main advantages of working with Vue.JS is if you already have an application, you can integrate Vue.JS in it and everything will work just fine without any lags or troubles. Vue.JS is known for its simple structure and good documentation, which makes it easy to resolve any issues. Although it has an easy learning curve and provide hassle-free setup, Vue.JS is less preferred by multinational companies like Google. However, Vue.JS is growing steadily and we wait to see what updates it will bring for large enterprises in 2020.

4 Chrome DevTools

Google offers one of the best web debuggers in the world known as Chrome Developer tools. DevTools is an essential front-end development tool since it provides a vast range of web development testing in your browser, which can save a lot of time. It features inbuilt console for executing JavaScript and can simulate various devices and screen sizes. Google Chrome DevTools is undoubtedly the best front-end tool for any offshore web application development company because it enables easy and fast debugging of network security, tweak the DOM and CSS, profile memory usage and discover security issues.

5 Grunt

Grunt is built to run on Node.JS and it is one of the most preferred front-end development tools when it comes to automate the repetitive tasks. The key concept of Grunt is to make the whole work flow faster. It offers a number of plugins to automate boring yet essential tasks like compilation, minification and unit testing. You can customize existing plugins based on your requirements or create your own, the choice is yours.

6 Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager (NPM) is the biggest software registry in the world, containing both private and public collection of codes for building front-end mobile apps, web apps, routers, robots and many other Java related projects. Using NPM, front-end developers can easily write code for highly scalable applications or reuse other’s code, and deploy on the cloud. It is extensively used by many big companies like Yahoo and Microsoft as it takes a lot of stress off the shoulder of the JavaScript developers.


The world of ever-changing technology has brought a lot of front-end development tools on the table. The tools that are outlined in this article are excellent ones till now. However, there are still many developers who love to immerse themselves in the time when there weren’t any good tools, but jQuery. But, since we are talking about the future, it is pretty safe to say that JavaScript will continue to dominate in 2020 for its strong language and support for developing cross-platform apps. So, when you are out to hire front-end developers, you know about what technologies are available and how they will benefit your business.

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