Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid - Which is better to Build Mobile App?

When it comes to Mobile App Development, you have three main options to explore, such as Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid. Now, you need to decide whether which one out of the three is best suitable for your requirement.

And, to explore, you need to keep your business objectives and overall goals in mind. So, when you have to take a decision on whether to go with web, native or hybrid, there are plenty of factors which you need to consider. Having received various such question from our clients worldwide, we have decided to bring you a detailed comparative analysis of the three top frameworks.

But before we begin the comparison, you need to consider the factors that help you decide the framework to go with;

  • How fast the app has to be?
  • Can you develop any part of the app in-house?
  • What is the goal to accomplish with the app?
  • What is your budget?
  • What features and functionalities you want in your app?

Having gone through these factors, you would be able to decide the right framework for your enterprise application. All you can just do is to hire the best Mobile App Development Company, one such example is ManekTech, and get the best app solution. Now, let’s compare these three frameworks one-by-one.

What is Web App Development?

Web App Development is an increasing buzz in the tech arena and most of investors or enterprises are exploring its potentials with Web Application. Web Applications are typically a web page which hosted on browsers which performs like a native app. It gives a dynamic view to the users. In short, web application interacts with app through a web view.

Web Applications are a good option when you don’t want to have a separate mobile application. It can be responsive and provide greater users’ satisfaction.

Web App Development is easy, cost-effective requires less maintenance than a native application. However, it has some drawbacks such as it requires web browsers to run which is slower than that of the native one. Web applications are also less interactive as compared to native and hybrid applications.

What is Native App Development?

When you want to have a dedicated application for each platform, Native Mobile Application Development is the way to go. Native applications are developed on a dedicated platform using the native languages such as Swift and Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android. Native apps are very effective, fast and responsive, though it is a costly affair as compared to web app development and hybrid app development. However, Mobile App Development offered by Phoenix can be cost effective as you get experienced developers for your project. You can get your project delivered within time.

What is Hybrid App Development?

When you want to have a cost-effective and cross-platform application, Hybrid App Development is the way to go. Hybrid apps are a combination of Web and Native apps. Importantly, cross-platform applications or Hybrid applications are not native but they perform like a native application. Most importantly, developers don’t need to write separate code for each platform, the code can be shared across platform it will result in less development time and cost.


Having gone through these analyses, you could be able to take the right decision and choose one out of the three. However, you can also consult a Mobile Application Development and free consultation for your projects. ManekTech, a mobile app development company can assist you for your next big iPhone App, Android App or Hybrid App development project. Let’s hire a perfect Mobile App Development Company and incredible mobile application right in the deadline. For any business related app or queries, feel free to contact us or call us (+91-79-48916427) to get free quotes.

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