What is Episerver? Benefit of using Episerver as content management system (CMS)

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    Episerver is a powerful online content management system tool written with the help of Microsoft technology stack - ASP.NET. Episerver content management system is one of the most effective CMS available today. Episerver CMS is quite helpful to IT professionals in different ways.

    Here is how it is useful for

    Marketers: EPiServer CMS helps marketers attain easy accessibility as well visibility for their content. It helps them keep a track of what all is happening on social media and keep a check on the number of visitors and who actually visited their website. They get the real time data about the interest of the visitors to their site.

    Editors: It helps them work via a web browser. They don’t need any other software on their PC to carry out the activities they wish to.
    With this CMS, Web editors don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML or any other programming language as it is completely based on ‘what you see is what you get’ editing just like the traditional word processing. Features like editing works in combination with content and comments in this tool.

    Developers: Web EPiServer CMS is a Microsoft’s .NET based tool. It comes with in-built feature known as - Visual Studio which comprises of a code structure to develop plug-ins, templates as well as dynamic content. When it comes to plug-in feature, customization becomes easy and the user interface can be easily extended for both editors and administrators.

    Benefits of Episerver as content management system (CMS)

    Offers Scalability: EPiServer CMS is liked by all website owners who have tried this tool. It is embedded with different versions and Episerver comes with a plenty of features to suit your IT structure.  Episerver offers cloud services as Episervers individual DXC cloud provides cloud hosting assistance as well as the option for traditional hosting. As this platform offers assistance to meet the needs of various IT infrastructures, Episerver CMS is certainly the highly scalable tool and proves to be a boon to different organizations to expand and prosper.

    Integrated with external systems: EPiServer amazing feature of integration with a lot of external systems for example PIM, MAP and ERP makes it a flexible system.
    The systems are highly beneficial to manage your content management and related things. When you connect EPiServer commerce with your current systems it will reduce your workload of content creation of existing content to a greater extent and also offers a systematic process for a number of ecommerce websites.

    Enhanced performance and output: With the help of EPiServer commerce platform you can enjoy the benefits of SEO as well. The system comprises of different tests to gauge the main elements of the website and also gives you suggestions to enhance the search ranking and ensures that the content is optimized for relevant target keywords.

    Smooth collaboration with amazing online experience: Well-organized processes in any business directly results in well organized business and it is the most important factor that every business should consider to grow. EPiServer CMS offers the perfect solution that helps you create and edit location based campaigns and product promotions. As it comprise of flawless and smooth integration, it focuses primarily on customer experience which contributes to the growth of any business.
    As it gives utmost importance to ecommerce domain most of its features adds on to better customer experience. Thus a lot of ecommerce site features can be easily developed to your site just by drag and drop facility in the desired area. Also, you can create content which may comprise of video, text, audio etc and can be positioned in designated blocks to enable easy management of content and organize it systematically.

    Smart content management: Most EPiServer platforms are quite smart and are developed to fit in according to the content and layout of any site.  The system updates itself constantly to learn about the variations and behavioural patterns of visitors coming to the site and accordingly changes itself to make the platform a user friendly platform. It makes the process of an organization easy by reducing the manpower employed for taking care of maintenance and website organization. Also, being the smart system, it ensures that the content remains ahead and on top according to the visitors’ behaviour. The modern search capabilities in EPiServer includes auto completion of the search keywords and in turn makes it comprehensive for you to know what the user may search and accordingly suggests keywords.

    Faceting is yet another excellent feature that exists in EPiServer Commerce platform and every professional Episerver Developer uses this feature to help you better.


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