What Makes React Native the Future of Mobile Application Development?

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    Over the course of time, it is now almost impossible to find any person without a mobile, and so developing mobile applications for your businesses is no longer an optional need. When it has become an elementary need, the next question the companies may come across is about selecting the best set of technologies. If you are one of them, you must have come across the name of React native, as it has become a rage in the mobile application development field. Created by the juggernaut Facebook, this technology has become very popular amongst the developer community. The popularity of React Native is depicted by the below data from Google trends showing how it has become a widely searched term, more than even iOS development or Android development. This shows the awareness among the organizations to select react Native over any other technology for their Mobile application development. If you are yet to be a part of this revolution, it is high time to hire a react native development company for your mobile applications.


    Popular apps built using React Native are;

    • Tesla
    • Instagram
    • Skype
    • UberEats
    • Wix
    • Bloomberg
    • Walmart
    • Facebook Ads

    Are you wondering what makes React Native earn this popularity in a short span of time?

    It provides a slick and smooth user interface with a considerably low loading time. Moreover, it is a cheaper way to develop mobile applications using React Native compared to other technologies. React Native applications are easy to write, saving developers' time and giving more return on investment to businesses. Not only this, but the maintenance cost is also low for these applications as there is the same codebase for iOS and Android. Technically, this is a cross-platform framework, but it can be written in one language and used for native applications. In the digital world, application development imperatives keep changing with the evolving needs of customer demand, and to meet them, every organization needs to bring continuous improvements. When 81% of organizations say that the pandemic has increased interest in delivering digital innovations, more and more companies are embracing digital app development and, thus, React Native. It is an authentic blend of pocket-friendliness and time-saving elements.   

    Why do we bet React Native is the future of Mobile App Development?

    React Native is an exhilarating framework that enables web developers to develop robust mobile applications utilizing their JavaScript know-how. In addition, developers competent with JavaScript can develop multi-platform applications using native UI elements. Indulge in a binge-read to know why React Native is going to be here being the front-runner. 

    1) Cross-platform capability

    Developed for iOS initially because of its unique features, Facebook later developed it for Android. This has made React Native competent in building applications for both iOS and Android. In addition, the majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform, allowing developers to build a single code base to develop applications for both platforms. 

    2) Shorter development cycle

    You hire a react native developer, and the first benefit he will tell you on asking about would be the fast development cycle. It not only saves money but also increases the productivity of developers. The state management tool named Reduxthe significantly helps to shorten the development cycle without negotiating on any factor.  

    3) Repeat the use of the same code

    Code reusability is one of the most attractive benefits of React Native. As this feature aids the developers to re-use the already written code, a lot of time is saved. It also enables the developers to include the react-native components into the app code to strengthen the application codes. 

    4) UI and performance

    In addition to increased productivity and faster development, React Native also delivers high performance with excellent UI. It is the combination of Javascript and HTML CSS that makes it easier to write code for hybrid mobile applications and deliver a top-notch user interface. 

    5) Big community

    Lately, the technology has a significant fan following and, thus, a huge community that helps you keep doubts at bay. Not to forget that it is baked by the tech giant Facebook; therefore, a prominent community is there to help the users. Moreover, the urge to keep it with the trends achieving the growth parameters keeps the community at work all the time. 

    The primary benefits of React Native mentioned above make the technology very attractive for both developers as well as businesses. With its fastest adoption and growth, it is undoubtedly going to be the future of mobile application development. Hire React Native developers from India to get a high-quality mobile application developed for your enterprise. 


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