Why is RoR Framework a choice of many enterprises for Web App Development?

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    Ruby on Rails, quite a prevalent framework, is mainly known for its rapid development capability. For example, as of March 2021, more than 380,996 global websites were built using Ruby on Rails on 199,681 unique domains. Having some of the well-known company's portals on RoR highlights the reliability and functions of this technology. RoR has proved its worth in every type of development, from a simple website to a large global company website with high traffic. Ruby is used by 5.7% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. Airbnb and Shopify are some of the best examples of highly trafficked websites built on RoR and running flawlessly.


    What is Rails?

    Rails is a web programming framework written in Ruby language, which has come a long way to its 7.0.2 version with the help of its 500 developers and their contribution. The framework has been through plenty of revisions and patches, ensuring it gives users an improved and enhanced experience. It has been two decades since the framework came into existence, and during these years, it has proved that it will stay here for a longer time. You can hire an RoR developer to benefit from these dynamic and effective technologies in the coming years. 

    What is Ruby?

    Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language focusing on simple and speedy productivity. Being an open source, its code is publicly accessible, making it relatively affordable to companies. Coined the name after the precious gemstone, which has earned a good reputation in years. Many big companies, like JP Morgan, Yahoo, NASA, CISCO, etc., are using this powerful language at certain levels. The language is programmed for giving sustainable solutions, and Basecamp, a well-known project management tool, is a testament to that. 

    David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, has described the technology in answer to an interview: "Rails is about allowing beautiful code to solve the problems most people have most of the time in web-application development. It's about taking the pain away and making you happy. I'd actually almost advise people to cut their teeth in web development on the mainstream offerings. Once you've tried developing a substantial application in Java or PHP or C# or whatever, the difference in Rails will be readily apparent. You gotta feel the hurt before you can appreciate the cure."

    Cost of RoR development

    In addition to being quick, Ruby on Rails makes it possible to create high-quality apps at a reasonable cost. The typical price range of Ruby on Rails web development is between $25,000 and $50,000. It has a significant cost advantage over alternative frameworks, such as Django, Laravel, and others, whose average price could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to forget, the cost of any web development project also depends upon the project's complexity; RoR web development makes sure to simplify the cumbersome process with its effective third-party plugins and persistent upgrades.  

    Check out here why enterprises select RoR Web Application Development

    Many times companies come with simple requirements seeking digital solutions or software development without any personal preference of technologies, and the IT solutions providers suggest RoR in most cases. If the requirements seem straightforward, scalable, and rapid, Ruby on Rails would be proven the right choice for them. Are you wondering why the RoR framework is a choice of developers? A few reasons for it are;

    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Scalability
    • Productivity
    • Affordability

    Check out the reasons that make Ruby on Rails web development a perfect decision for enterprises;  

    1) Large community: 

    Ruby on Rails is not just a development tool but a large community with dedicated developers who share their work and tools with each other. Rails also has an informal community that talks about jobs, conferences, and meetups and shares examples of businesses that built websites with Rails. Moreover, GitHub is also an excellent source for beginners. 

    2) Availability of gems:

    A software package that is called a "gem" includes a Ruby application or library. It is frequently used to increase or change functionality in Ruby projects. These gems allow any Ruby on Rails developer to add features without writing code. 

    3) Faster app development:

    One of the main reasons why RoR offers faster development is its simplicity in code syntax. It provides rapid development as less coding is required, making it quicker and easier. Moreover, by following agile methodology in RoR Application development, we can build applications 25% to 40% faster. Rails offers pre-built components that slash the hassle of writing codes from scratch. Lesser time in reaching to market also gives the companies the first-mover's advantage. 

    4) High performance:

    High-performance applications can be shaped with Ruby on Rails software development. RoR follows the idea of convention over configuration and doesn't repeat yourself, which enables the developers to create the same high-standard apps available in the market. In addition, code optimization also upscales the applications' performance. Lastly, the modules in Rails make it easier for developers to handle complex data-based projects. 

    5) Secured and stable

    The projects are more secured with Ruby on Rails. SQL injections and XSS attacks are not permitted while using RoR tools, and all input parameters are, by default, trapped. Output variables in templates are also escaped. So, there remains no possibility that a developer can go wrong and make a mistake. When cyber security has become a big concern for everyone, Ruby on Rails has the edge over its many other competitors. Moreover, it also contains password and credit card data encryptions making personal data secure. 

    6) Scalability

    Having tight contests in every market, every business today looks at the opportunity to scale at any time. And thus, every organization looks forward to having scalable technology solutions so that they can easily sustain and offer flawless digital experience with increased traffic. Ruby on Rails web app development offers scalable solutions as Rails handles hundreds of requests at the same time. Shopify can be the best example to give to the clients when asking about the scalability of RoR, as it drives more than 30,000 customers on its eCommerce portal. 

    7) Flexibility 

    Ruby on Rails is a highly expressive and flexible language, allowing developers to solve problems in various ways. This gives the flexibility to the developers to play around and come up with their most creative ways to beat the issues. Furthermore, Rails allows websites to adapt to various updates resulting from innovation in the market. Thus, the Ruby on Rails web applications can be modified easily to be tuned with the trends. 

    Hire Ruby on Rails Developers if you have any of the following project development requirements;

    • Informational portals
    • Stock exchange platforms
    • Dating websites
    • Social networking websites
    • eCommerce platforms 

    To conclude, Ruby on Rails is becoming increasingly popular because it is compelling, scalable, and well-established with many built-in features. It helps companies to build both small and large applications. A few heavy trafficked websites built using RoR are Twitter, Etsy, Shopify, Couchsurfing, Groupon, Airbnb, and many more. As a result, Ruby on Rails developers is increasingly in demand. Thus, it may sound like a daunting task to hire an RoR developer, but by contacting an experienced IT firm, you can select the right RoR developers for your requirements. While RoR is a 15 years old technology, it incessantly keeps itself updated to be in the trend and cater to the market's changing needs.

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