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    React native app development is the favored cross-platform mobile framework widely used by global developers. According to a survey by Statista, 42% of software developers use React native, and only one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform frameworks. The rest of the developers use native apps.

    React Native application development is thriving since it eliminates the extra cost and is agile in developing websites with high-speed coding. 

    In this blog, we have discussed React Native app development in detail with its benefits. Also, get to know which apps are based on React Native.

    What is React Native Application Development?

    React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework launched by Facebook. It works with the best parts of native development and JavaScript library to deliver a world-class user interface. 

    React Native allows users to reuse the existing code across various platforms and build feature-rich and user-friendly applications for Android, iOS, Android TV, web, windows, macOS, tvOS, and other platforms.

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    Why Use React Native App Development?

    React native is a one-stop solution for all mobile app development needs. Let’s understand its importance in detail:

    • Reusable Codes to Save Cost and Time

    React native allows you to reuse the codes drafted for a platform as many codes are standard for Android and iOS. Because 95% or more codes are cross-platform compatible thus, it saves time for the app development process and reduces the cost to build mobile apps.

    Also, it is easy to update and maintain both apps simultaneously to reduce the future costs of the specific app.

    • Made Quick Changes With Hot and Live Reloading

    React Native app developers can make quick and real-time changes and create any fixes while the app loads with React Native’s hot and live reloading feature. The changes will be automatically restored when all the final changes have been made. 

    It eases the development and testing process because of its hot and live reloading features. So, one needs to reload only that specific area that needs any correction or fixation.

    • Excellent Performance with Increased Flexibility

    React Native apps perform much similarly to Native apps. It uses a graphic processing unit rather than a central processing unit to generate more extraordinary performance than other cross-platform hybrid technologies.

    React Native also has simple UX that any developer can understand. Thus, it creates team flexibility as different developers can jump where the development is left by someone else.

    • Support Third-Party Plug-ins

    React Native doesn’t leave any room for any inconvenience in your app. It allows third-party integration within your app so that you and your users can navigate one app to another in no time and with ease.

    • Provide Community Support

    React Native has the biggest community for all platforms. It enables developers to help any community experts find libraries or any other information regarding flawless iOS and Android application development.

    Most Popular Applications Based On React Native

    React Native is the most salable framework for application development. It is used by many popular applications including:

    • Instagram
    • Netflix
    • Uber
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Flipkart
    • Microsoft Office
    • Amazon Shopping
    • ShareChat

    Wrapping Up

    React Native is the perfect pickup for building attractive design and efficient UI for uplifting e-Commerce stores or social media. But the choice of technology stack depends on your business requirements. You must check your needs first and then pick the perfect one.

    ManekTech is the leading mobile app development company in India that provides top-notch and robust mobile and web app development services using React Native.

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