Why Phalconphp Towers Over Others? And Now With The Release Of Phalcon 5.0.0 alpha3

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    When it comes to application performance, Phalcon has received high levels of efficiency as compared to others, which gives it a cutting edge.

    There are a host of frameworks and micro-frameworks available in PHP for building REST APIS, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. While some are high in efficiency and performance, some are rich in third party bundles and carry along many more features. After studying through various frameworks, we zeroed upon Falcon to be the highest performing of all. Phalcon being the fastest PHP MVC framework, with C programming as its foundation, has been gaining much prominence of late. The framework can be installed as a PHP extension, which calls for minimum overhead to the application. The reason why Phalcon has taken over the space is because it is advantageous against other frameworks and can be termed as the most reliable and powerful PHP framework of present time. What makes it powerful are certain features which pack a punch and make it a better proposition than other frameworks.

    Here are some points which prove its superiority:

    • The core is written in C programming language making the memory consumption and CPU resources usage come down to bare minimum as it heavily relies on the PHP engine as a PHP extension, increasing the performance to optimum levels. The written code gets converted to C complied code, which results in faster processing. This takes off tremendous CPU load, gearing up its performance at a fast pace. It can be rated as the best choice for building APIs for a web project which demands high performance.
    • As compared to other frameworks, the results are quite impressive as the tests RPS (Requests Per Second) and TPR (Time Per Request) reaches at least twice as fast as compared to its competitors. It's base, Zephir also wins in various benchmarks when challenged with HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine).

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      • The most important feature that distinguishes Phalcon from others is its minimum size which is limited to a mere 3 MB making it easy to migrate and work. Installation using simple and easy to use commands makes it more attractive. Its in-built functions like routing, query builder, views saves a lot of work hours and the feasibility to make your own structure which gels well with MVC structure and Rest API makes it race far ahead of its competition.

      The popularity of the framework has given rise to many companies who specialize in Phalcon PHP Development Services. The CEO of one of the most prominent Phalcon Development Company based in the United States on the condition of anonymity says that it has emerged as one of the most preferred frameworks by developers due to its high speed, efficient memory utilization, and ready to use extension features making them transition most of their work on this framework. Above that, the release of its latest version Phalcon 5.0.0alpha3 is loaded with additional features which were missing in the earlier versions, making it one of the best amongst the lot. He adds, Hire Phalcon Developers tops the list of our recruitment requirements of late due to the growing demand for experts in this space.

      Looking at the above points we come to the conclusion that Phalcon development enhances your Web application’s speed and with its user-friendly interface and excellent application development process, you can build apps that are highly scalable, secure, reliable and fast, making it the best amongst all PHP frameworks.

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