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    The global mobile application market is estimated to grow at a steady pace of 13.4% CAGR till 2030. Every business is choosing mobile applications to expand its market penetration. This makes the application development language and framework very important. The development language decides the development speed, robustness, and many other features. In this market brimming with programming languages, which language should you choose? Java is a very versatile language for mobile application development. In 2022, recruiters ranked Java as one of the most demanded languages. The vast benefits offered by Java make it a popular language amongst developers as well as app owners.

    Let us look at some of the prominent benefits offered by Java.

    1. Free Access

    Is there anyone reading this not interested in saving money? Absolutely not! Mobile application development is followed by many cost-intensive activities, such as marketing. Every app owner will prefer the application development language that does not burn their pockets. Using Java for mobile application development has only plus points to offer, cost-effectiveness staying at the top. Java is free to use, and you do not have to pay anything for the license or the agreement. The investments start only when you hire a java developer.

    2. Fast and Error-Free Development with Development Tools

    Selecting Java gives you access to some powerful development tools that benefit different phases of application development. These tools help with coding and debugging, making every step fast and error-free. You can hire a java developer and ask them to implement these tools. An experienced java developer will not know these tools but will also hold experience in leveraging the development potential of all the tools to benefit your application.

    3. Abundant Resource and Community Support

    The low learning curve of Java makes learning more accessible, encouraging new developers to indulge in Java. It is effortless to hire Java developers in India and other developed or developing countries. You can even hire remote java developers for short-term work. The app owners have the flexibility to hire new developers for developing the application as a significant global community of Java developers is constantly striving to provide support. Java developers get prompt help from this community for all development issues. Moreover, this community of developers keeps working on the shortcomings and drawbacks of the language. 

    4. Tech Support to Develop High-End Applications

    Every mobile application has a different requirement. Java is a preferred language for high-level applications that deal with multiple features and a large customer base. These applications demand scalability from the development framework. Java offers many features, including multi-threading, garbage collection, and Just-in-Time compilation. The ability to efficiently handle the complexity of the growing customer base makes Java an excellent framework for mobile application development.

    5. One Framework for Every Platform

    The number of mobile applications is increasing every day, making the industry more competitive. Fast development and expanded presence is the critical point in such a scenario. One cannot develop an application for one platform and wait for its success to progress further. Parallel development for all the platforms is essential. You can hire java developers for business to get this benefit. Java has a platform-independent approach, and the code can be used to run the application on different platforms. This is one of the primary reasons behind the massive popularity of Java as an application development platform. Developers are interested in learning Java to be able to develop android applications for different platforms.

    6. High-Level Security

    Integrating payment gateways in mobile applications has further increased the demand for security in these applications. Security is a prerequisite for every mobile application. Java provides all-around security for mobile applications, safeguarding all customers' details. The Java compiler efficiently detects any loopholes in security in the initial phases of mobile application development. You can connect with any mobile application development company to hire a dedicated java developer proficient in exploiting all the security features offered by Java.


    Java very aptly fits into every criterion required to be fulfilled by a mobile application development framework. High-end features, ease of learning, multi-platform support, large developer community, and robust development make it an excellent option for application development. Every application has to provide scalability to expand the customer base and the performance to handle this large customer base. Java comes as a very reliable language that can be used to create high-end mobile applications. As we step into 2023, we will enter a highly competitive environment. The mobile applications developed today should be able to thrive and compete in the coming years. Choose Java as your mobile application development framework to create a sustainable mobile application that lets you steer through the future.   


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