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    Firebase is a platform for the development of mobile and web applications developed by Firebase and then purchased by Google. Firebase is basically a database in real time. The data appears as JSON files and allows the connected client side to make real-time changes. Using iOS, Android, JavaScript SDKs, when you build cross-platform apps, your clients end up receiving all the updated data.

    It actually allows developers to develop app features on various platforms such as Remote Configs, Notifications, and Real-time Databases. It also helps you develop storage for the app, including authentication features. In addition, Firebase can also be used effectively for marketing applications to enhance user experience and user engagement.

    Firebase offers lots of various benefits to the app developers, which helps to make their app development journey easier.

    1. Real- time Database helps to store and synchronise data : Firebase provides a database in real time that helps you to store and synchronize data among clients. This actually makes it easier for developers to use any of the devices to access the data and helps develop collaborative features.
    Another advantage for developers of a real-time database is that they don't need backend support to build apps because it comes with SDKs for various platforms, like Android, iOS, and Web. It helps to execute backend code that responds to database-activated events.

    2. Smarter Firebase with Google Analytics : Now you can easily track down your user’s journey on a number of devices. It means you would know whether he is using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also export your mobile app data to BigQuery with the help of Google Analytics which supports to engage more users.

    3. Crash reporting to fix bugs quickly : A lot of apps have often been seen suffering from bug problems, which tends to slow down navigation speed and users opt out of it. The result is that the app's rating also decreases. Firebase offers the ability to report crashes to fix bugs faster and more easily. Mobile app developers and QA testers can identify the stages problems, whether it's the app version, the device, or the operating system. The Firebase SDK offers log crashes that eventually save a lot of time because the cause of the problem is not to be found. For both native and cross-platform applications, the coding database is available.

    4. Fast and secured Web Hosting : Firebase Hosting allows you to easily set up a single page, mobile landing page, web page or progressive web page. It also helps deliver content anywhere quickly. Web apps and static content can be deployed at CDN (Content Delivery Network) by developers. Firebase hosting also configures custom domains with the free SSN certificate automatically. With just one command, you can now deploy a local directory to the web.

    5. Firebase Authentication : Most apps now have the login facility, and the developer aims to make it simpler and better secure. Firebase Authentication support is therefore there to perform this task with an easy sign-in process. It also provides identity solution for emails, passwords, and other important applications like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The Firebase UI is also flexible, customized and drop-in dealing with the UI flow of the users.

    6. Firebase for Content storage : It has become much easier to store the user-dedicated content that includes texts, images and videos. In fact, using advanced technology, you can also develop the final phase of your prototype app effortlessly. The Firebase team also provided cloud storage SDK to connect the mobile to non-online users. As such, as soon as connectivity is established, they can continue to transfer automatically.

    7. Accessibility of Machine Learning : As we continue to discuss Firebase's advantages, we are also familiar with the fact that it also provides the facility of Machine Learning to developers. This advantage is available to both developers of Android and iOS as well as experienced or newcomers. The ML kit has ready-to-use APIs for various mobile features such as facial detection, text identification, barcode scanning and image labeling, etc. You have a choice of on-device and cloud APIs that can be selected to suit your needs.

    8. Notifications and Messages : With the help of battery-efficient connection, Firebase Cloud Messaging offers you the opportunity to send notifications and messages to your target audiences free of charge across all devices and platforms. So, if you're interested in sending push notifications to a specific demographic and behavior-based group of people. In addition, you can choose your own particular time for sending the message, which is more convenient. The developers will be pleased to note that they do not require coding to send the notifications. You can try the A/B testing for sending notifications to choose the best version that fits your need.

    9. Dynamic links for recommendation : Dynamic Links are available with Firebase that allows the owner of the app to recommend his app to familiar people like family and friends after the app is completed and launched. You can make your app viral by sharing a small URL. The dynamic links help you in converting the web users to native app users.

    10. App indexing helps to generate more traffic : The Firebase indexing app is used to re-engage Google Search users by browsing Google Search's links to your app. It also helps to improve your app ranking on the Search. Once when you index the application, the rank will improve the new users will discover and install your app. The Android Instant App actually helps to access the app's content.

    11. In - App Advertising : The Firebase is also equipped with AdMob, an in-app advertising facility that helps the app owner emphasize his business ' monetizing policies. You can display multiple ads from millions of advertisers and increase your revenue.

    Thus, Firebase is fully empowered with a wealth of features that are needed to build sophisticated and feature-rich mobile app development.


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