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A live video streaming app that helps live streamers improve their streaming experience with augmented reality and 3D objects with new streaming alerts, set the font of the streaming event facilities, and get the best virtual camera experience.

Media Entertainment
ElectronJS , ReactJS


Our customer is a streaming enthusiast with a strong interest and passion for online content.


Our client wanted to make their live streams more fun and engaging. They had an idea of using augmented reality to fulfil that. As a team, we had frequent calls with the client to understand their exact requirement and propose the best solution. The goal was to create an interactive and exciting experience for the people watching live streams.

  • One of our team's challenges was maintaining video output performance and quality while streaming. This was fixed using the hardware we have used, so the actual users will not face any issues as they will have a high-performance system. 
  • Another challenge was accessing the camera feed while another app accessed the camera. For this, we have used a virtual cam.


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Our team has developed a virtual reality streaming app that seamlessly integrates physical and virtual environments to change the streaming experience. The developed application uses the video feed from the user’s webcam as the starting point to generate an augmented reality environment. AR will overlay the computer-generated elements onto the real-world view captured by the webcam and create a blended visual experience for the users.

  • Login: The AR-powered live streaming platform allows users to log in through Twitch. Users must have their Twitch account to log in to StreamScuplt. 
  • Streamer Recognition: The AI StreamScuplt will recognize the streamer within the video stream. This will help to create a flawless blend between the real and virtual worlds.
  • Easy Setup: Our development team has ensured that the setup should be quick and easy for all the users.
  • Dashboard: The users will have their dashboards from which they can view the 3D overlays they have saved and other settings.
  • 3D Overlays: Customers will have a wide range of 3D overlays to select from for their live stream.
  • Streaming Alerts: The user will also find an option to set the streaming alerts for different actions such as on subscription, upon receiving new followers, gifted subscribers, re-subscription, raid, and cheer.
  • Event Scheduling: This feature will allow the users to schedule events at particular intervals by selecting overlays for different time intervals. The selected overlay will be displayed during the live stream at the selected time interval.
  • Message Template: Users can create a message template as a sub-event that can be played during the live stream. A message template is a message that is displayed during the live stream. Users will have options to set the text they want to display, font size, font type, different options for text positions, and different effects such as bouncing text, shadow effect, and many more.
  • Custom Overlay: It also offers an option to get personalized 3D overlays specially made to complement users' brands and provide interactive experiences to their users. To get the personalized overlay, the user must fill out a form with a few fields explaining the user's requirements.


Within almost five months of partnership with Manektech, our dedicated developers helped the client turn their idea into reality. The client observed a huge shift in viewer engagement by integrating our AI streaming solution, augmented reality, and 3D object integration for live streaming.

Technologies and Tools:

  • Technology: PHP (MEAN/ MERN)
  • Frontend: ReactJS / ElectronJS
  • Backend: Node js
  • Database: MongoDB

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