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Transforming the traditional interaction between patients and doctors.

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In the healthcare sector, our client wanted to make it easier for patients to talk to doctors during illness. They created a patient care management system so individuals can easily connect with doctors from their homes and get consultations and prescriptions whenever needed.


Developing the live video call feature for the consultation room was challenging. Our team had to figure out how to handle the queue, ensure the video calls were secure, and ensure a smooth experience for doctors and patients. It also involved dealing with real-time data, making different technologies work together, and optimizing how much internet speed is needed. Adding extra security to protect private medical information during video calls made the task even more complex for our developers.


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ManekTech has developed a custom web-based doctor-patient communication system to automate the doctor appointment process. This new solution helps users quickly book appointments and can talk to doctors online. Users can even order their medicines from home. Our dedicated developer team ensured that this system follows all the rules for healthcare in the USA and keeps the health information private i.e., HIPPA-compliant. We designed one of the best virtual consultation platforms to look good and work super easy, even for people not used to computers very often. This makes visiting a doctor more superficial, private, and user-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Doctor Features: 
    • Dashboard: All doctors will have their dashboards from where they can view the details such as the Total number of patients, city-wise patients, Average video time, and patient analytics.
    • Patient List: From here, the doctors can view a list of patients who have purchased/scheduled a call. A patient list will be displayed with information such as Gender, Age,  Email Address, Address, Phone, and State with a “View More Details” CTA.
    • Patient Details: Clicking on the “View More Details” CTA, doctors can view all the details of the particular patient, including all the medical history the patient has added.
    • Consultation Room: Doctors can find this option in the navigation menu. This will display the number of patients in a queue and an option to start a video call. The first patient will receive a video call invitation based on the patient's waiting number.
    • Video Call: Upon accepting the video invitation, both the doctor and patient can interact through a video call, and there is also an option to chat where doctors can add notes for their patients. Along with that, the doctors will also have an option to add medicine for their patients.  
    • Search and Add Medicine: The doctors can search for medicine and add it to the prescription using the search option.
  • Patient:
    • Appointment Feature: Patients will have seamless access to all features available to doctors by categories and types, except for the doctor-specific modules such as the patient lists. They can conveniently view appointments with various doctors, check prescriptions, and purchase directly through the portal. Additionally, patients can benefit from a user-friendly dashboard providing insights into their appointments, consultations, video appointment information, and patient analytics, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible healthcare experience.
    • Landing Page:  The users will land on this page and can view the details about how it works and will display a few of the recent products.
    • Shop Page: This page will list all the products with details such as Name, Image, Price, “Buy Now,” and “See a Doctor” CTA.
    • Product Detail Page: This page will display all the product-related information. Users will also have an option to select the quantity and an option to add a product to the cart. 
    • Registration and Medical History: From here, the users can register by adding their basic details and need to answer a few medical-related questions to give doctors an idea.
    • Payment: Users can pay for the parched product/doctor visit by entering the card details or will also have the option to apply a coupon.
    • Order History: From here, the users will get to know their past order details such as Order ID, Transaction number, Date, Total, and Status.
  • Admin:
    • Dashboard: The admin dashboard will have details such as the number of total patients, City-wise patients, Average video time, and Patient analytics.
    • Doctors: From here, the admin can view a list of all the doctors. The admin can view details and add, edit, and delete doctors from here.
    • Patients: Admin can view a list of patients from here. The admin can view details and add, edit, and delete doctors from here.
    • Products: This will allow the admin to view and manage the product list.
    • Orders: From here, the admin will get to know the details of the orders the patients have initiated and can also view the details of the doctor's visit.
    • Coupons: The admin will easily manage different coupons through this module. This includes creating new coupons, modifying existing ones, setting expiration dates, and tracking coupon usage.


MediConnect stands out as a top choice for online recommendations. Users can effortlessly book appointments and arrange video calls with doctors through this web-based healthcare application. The platform also offers a variety of products for purchase, including CBD capsules, CBD skincare, and CBD for pets. It makes everything easy for everyone, including patients and doctors. It will now be easier for doctors to manage and guide their patients.

Technologies and Tools:

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