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    Fifty milliseconds that is just 0.05 seconds can make or break your website’s first impression!

    Yes, you read it correctly; as per a study, in 0.05 seconds, users can determine whether they want to continue buying/spending time on your website or not.

    So if you already have a website or are planning to hire a web development company, keeping an eye on the latest web development trends is a must. It will help you to stay ahead of the competition and meet your user’s expectations. 

    We present you with a list of 2021’s latest web development and design trends through this blog. These trends will help the following individuals:

    Web Development Trends That Will Prevail in 2021

    1. Voice Search

    With technology getting advanced and introducing smart gadgets, the voice search feature will be the most dominant web development trend.  

    As per Google research, 27% of the global online population prefers to use voice search on their mobile.  Thus, the voice search option will be a priority feature in most web application development in the USA.web application development in the USA. 

    This voice search technology works via Speech recognition software, which transforms analog waves into digital waves, separating the sounds and comparing words from the dictionary.

    The benefits:

    • It makes the web app easy to use and consume for users.
    • Enables free interaction without any limitations
    • Ensures quick usage
    • Offers convenience
    • Helps in ranking higher on search engines due to enhanced UI experience

    2. API-First Development 

    API-first development (aka application programming interface) is the next big trend that will get more popular in 2021 as it will result in offering enhanced business values. 

    This approach works on creating a comfortable environment for developing applications that can easily interface with one another. And the best part of API is that it is much beyond the earlier ‘first-code’ approach. Thus, developers can directly work on creating an API-first system and later stitch the rest of the app together and connect any app in the future. 

    The benefits:

    • More adaptable
    • Offers better customer experience
    • Develops quickly hence faster to reach the market
    • Compatible for all platforms and devices
    • Ability to adapt as per changing demands

    3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

    The concept of PWA is growing like the wind in the air. Trendy names like,,, Forbes, Instagram, and are all PWA sites offering excellent experiences, just like the native apps. 

    PWA’s basic concept is that it runs in the browser; however, once saved on the home screen, it functions like a native application making it undifferentiable. 

    BookMyShow is a PWA site that succeeded in increasing 80% of the conversions, and their site is 54x smaller than the Android app and 180x smaller than the iOS app. 

    Thus, many agencies working with web application development in the USA are getting a huge demand for developing PWAs due to their mobile-friendliness and the power to deliver a high-quality user experience. 

    The benefits:

    • PWAs are very smooth, fast, and lightweight, thus offer an excellent user experience
    • Easy to use offline thus highly popular among users
    • PWAs are responsive and mobile-optimized
    • Increases user engagement and re-engagement due to push notification functionality
    • Demands fewer code-bases to maintain

    4. WebAssembly

    This is known as the future of web development. Technically, it is an improvement to JavaScript and known as a new language that runs along with JS in a browser. 

    It uses a linear memory while stored in a compact binary format and leverages the tools and libraries to expedite running codes at “near-native” speeds. 

    In fact, with WebAssembly, games like PS4, Xbox, and PC are getting targeted on the web with necessary APIs like WebGL and ASM.js, and gamepad API.

    From gaming to porting web applications to the web, WebAssembly is the most flexible language used for serverless computing, making it a popular web development trend in 2021. 

    The benefits

    • Open ups possibilities to build future programming languages
    • Offers excellent performance to the web
    • Offers a compile target for the web
    • Faster to deploy
    • Best for safety and speed

    The Parting Note

    Apart from the above trends, trends like native apps will positively affect the market, motion design in UI, Serverless Architecture, cloud technology, and AI integration will also witness huge demand in 2021. 

    The basic idea is that whatever offers more comfort to users and provides a rich user experience will craze better with the technological shift.

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