7 Important Things To Consider During eCommerce Website Development

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    Designing and developing an eCommerce website has its own challenges. From optimizing website performance to engaging user, there are a lot many things to keep in mind. As an eCommerce website is not just meant for showcasing the products, it is also necessary that your website converts visitors into customers. Therefore, eCommerce website developers must ensure that the website is user-friendly and intuitive. If you are wondering what things you exactly need to create an eCommerce website, then you are at the right place. We will try to cover all the essential elements in this post to help you get an outstanding business website.

    ◊ 1 Choose an appropriate framework: In the today’s digital world, they are plenty of eCommerce frameworks available in the market. Now the question arises is what framework or platform is the best for your eCommerce website? If you are looking to build a simple and user-friendly eCommerce website, then WordPress or WooCommerce is often used by many. But, if you have specific eCommerce website database design or CRM requirements, then you should go for OpenCart or Magento. ManekTech has expertise in a vast range of software development platforms, so no matter what your business requirements are, we will help you find the best solution for your business.

    ◊ 2 Match your website design or theme with your products: Relevance is the key here for an appealing website. Designing your website that matches your products and services can really make a difference to your website look and feel. Whether you opt for OpenCart or BigCommerce web design, make sure every element of your website, from texts and color schemes to images and other media content precisely personifies your website. For example, if you are selling baby products, make sure you use baby pictures, funky text and light color in the background.

    ◊ 3 Systematic placing of product images and descriptions: The primary purpose of any eCommerce website is to sell products, so it is necessary to focus on your products in the first place. While displaying your items, make sure you use high-resolution photos that allow users to see every minute detail of your offerings. Along with high-quality images, put adequate information on the product page. Make sure you describe your products accurately, otherwise putting a wrong color or size may risk your impression and you may end up loosing valuable consumers.

    ◊ 4 Set up payment gateways: Many business owners who are new in the eCommerce world have no idea about how digital transactions take place. Online payment gateway service is provided by eCommerce platform that authorizes payment processors and credit/debit card processors for online businesses. Make sure you offer multiple payment gateways uch as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Skrill, 2Checkout and others to your users, so they can use their desired payment gateways to make a purchase from your website. By considering multiple payment preferences, you can target more shoppers and receive more sales in the long run.

    ◊ 5 Provide shipping options: Often shipping plays an important role in deciding the success of many online businesses. Shoppers love low or free shipping, therefore, you need to choose shipping providers that charge a nominal amount. You should also consider how are you going to ship your products? Do you have different packaging boxes for different product sizes? What packaging material are you going to use? Do your products have any shipping restrictions? You need to consider all these questions before you ship out your merchandise.

    ◊ 6 Come up with a marketing strategy: Although marketing strategy is not the part of eCommerce website development, but it is an integral element of the success of your online business. Think about what is the need to develop an eCommerce website if nobody is able to reach it? There are dozens of ways you can advertise your business online, including SEO, SMO and paid advertising. For a website to be successful, it needs a suitable marketing strategy, and at ManekTech, we not only help you set up your online store, but help you promote it in front of the right audience through our competent digital marketing strategies.

    ◊ 7 Protect your website with security software: All eCommerce websites are prone to be attacked by hackers, and so, it becomes necessary to secure your website. Online businesses that utilize digital transactions must determine potential risks that affect both the customers and the business itself. The best way to secure a website is using SSL to encrypt users’ information, such as phone number, email address, passwords and other credential information. An unprotected and unsafe website may compromise critical business relations.

    Thus, outsourcing your website development to companies like ManekTech can really take off the burden from your shoulders, letting you focus more on internal business matters while we build and handle your online presence. Whether you are looking to build an eCommerce website from scratch or revamp your existing website, contact ManekTech today for complete website solutions.

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