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    WordPress is a prevalent Content Management System used by businesses and entrepreneurs to develop websites for their businesses. WordPress makes the website manageable and scalable, ideal for future business expansion. Business owners have the option to use WordPress themselves or hire a dedicated WordPress developer. If you opt for the latter one, you can get abundant resources to hire by searching for ‘WordPress developer near me’ or ‘WordPress developers near me. Besides ease of getting the help, you get your hands on great plugins and extensions to make your website extensive and robust. Different plugins are available to add different functionalities to your website. You get thousands of plugins which is a significant aspect. However, it is going to be challenging to choose plugins when you need to implement them. 

    We have listed eight great plugins you must integrate into your website to make your website feature-rich, secure and scalable. You can add the following plugins:

    1. Yoast SEO

    As the name indicates, this plugin is focused on heightening your SEO game. You can optimize the SEO implementation across the web pages to increase the traffic to your website. In addition, you can hire a WordPress developer with experience in Yoast SEO to benefit from different features, including the accessible building of 301 directs, suggestions for internal linking, keywords optimization, google algorithm-based updates, and XML news sitemaps. 

    2. WPForms

    One essential task of every WordPress developer can be creating contact forms to create a communication channel with the website visitors. You can have WPForms do this work for you. WPForms has a pre-built template, Smart logic to hide and show different categories/conditions, a user-friendly multipage form, surveys, poll functionality, and many more features to make your WordPress website user-friendly.

    3. WP Rocket

    After you hire a WordPress developer, ask them about this plugin. They will inform you that WP Rocket is known to be the best caching plugin in WordPress. The competition between different companies is expected to intensify in the coming years. Using this plugin, you can fasten the loading time of the web page, a crucial factor in determining customers’ interest and getting a competitive edge. The cached copies of every page are used to deliver this fast loading. Integrated CDN-based caching solution, on-request image loading, and WordPress multisite support are some of the unique features you get with the WP Rocket plugin. 

    4. WooCommerce

    We have entered the era of eCommerce, where everything can be sold online. Businesses that hire WordPress developers to develop eCommerce sites can take the help of the extensions and customization features of this plugin. The plugin comes with a plethora of themes that are easy to use. A WordPress developer can become a pro custom WordPress theme developer using this plugin. WooCommerce plugin allows you to sell anything, ship anywhere, streamline the checkout process, and do other things to make your eCommerce business successful. 

    5. Updraft Plus

    We all work rigorously to increase the traffic on the web page. In case of some issues, the website may crash, and without a good backup, all your efforts will go in vain. With Updraft Plus, you get an automatic backup solution with multiple storage options, including Google Drive and Dropbox. Easy installation, fast configuration, one-click backup and restoration, and easy cloning and migration of the WordPress website are some great features of Updraft Plus. 

    6. Monster Insights

    To grow your business, you would need a website analytics suite. Monster Insight WordPress plugin is critical for WordPress development to assess the performance of your website using business analytics. You get access to real-time statistics, a Google Analytics dashboard, Ads tracking, and many other features that let you track your progress and enhance the business revenue. 

    7. Sucuri

    Before you hire a WordPress plugin developer, finalize the security plugin for the website. The number and types of cyber threats are increasing every day. Moving ahead in 2023, you need Sucuri to monitor and protect your WordPress website from any cyber-attack, including DDoS, brute force attacks, and malware threats. 

    8. WP Legal Pages

    With the growing business, you will increase connections and affiliations with different brands and websites. WP Legal Pages allows you to generate other privacy policies such as Amazon Affiliate Policy and Terms & Conditions. You get GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA-compliant legal document with multi-lingual support. 


    Every business and website has a different requirement. All these plugins will give excellent results, but their selection depends on the website and its needs. Install these plugins today. For more connect with a WordPress development company to know more. 

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