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    2021 has been a year of change with businesses struggling to survive in the competitive markets. It is the right time to plan for the upcoming year's strategies when the world faces the after-effects of a global pandemic that has hit the economy hard.

    While planning to stay high in the competition in 2022, it is hard to miss the powerful associations with the leading software development companies in India

    Businesses in the manufacturing or service industry just can’t ignore the power of reaching customers through customized websites and apps. However, having a low footprint in the IT sector doesn’t mean that these industries can survive without online marketing. 

    Hence, it calls for the association with the leading mobile apps, software, and web development companies in India that take care of all possible IT requirements. Before lending a helping hand to multiple businesses, glance at top IT requirements for any business.

    These are:

    • Mobile app development 
    • Software development
    • Website development
    • CMS & E-commerce

    Mobile App Development

    Businesses are now focusing on the customer experience that is incomplete without customized mobile apps. It is easy for customers to go through the dedicated apps, resolve their queries, and find new deals.

    The high levels of customer satisfaction offered by the mobile apps work as an unpaid advocate to the company’s priority to customer-eccentric services. Many manufacturers may argue the need for mobile app development. 

    Manufacturing needs the boost like never before in 2022, and mobile apps offer a suitable catalyst to any business. Moreover, it is hard to miss the multi-disciplinary benefits of these mobile apps.

    ManekTech has been in the industry for the last ten years, and mobile app development for more than 300 clients has been a company’s core portfolio. The aim is to let the businesses know their customers more closely and offer them the benefits of the brand loyalty apps.


    Website Development

    While a significant number of customers access the businesses through mobiles, many are still using web browsers. So, it is all about website development. Sadly, many companies don’t know how to manage websites technically, the ideal technology for the same, or the website’s performance metrics.

    The complicated websites are of no use to any company. It must be simple, must contain user-intuitive designs, and offer all required information to the customers. A startup or medium-size business can get the right boost with a customer-friendly website. 

    Website development is only a step in entering the digital markets as maintaining and keeping it updated is another concern. 

    ManekTech is a Microsoft Gold Partner Company that keeps it at the top of the list of all website development companies. This is because the quality services of the dedicated website developers of the companies are certified by the tech giant Microsoft. 

    Therefore, any business can benefit from the reliable development and maintenance of their professional websites.


    Software Development

    Mobile apps and websites are not just enough for 2022. The time is perfect for launching the dedicated software that stays as a core part of the business’s marketing and sales strategies. It helps in increasing the business ROI’s with suitable investments at the right time. 

    Software development is not easy, especially when shifting to online businesses and services offering high-end online services. However, all the business offerings in terms of software should be efficient, customer-friendly, and full of essential services.

    It is ideal to hire dedicated developers that have deep knowledge of emerging software development technologies. This outsourcing worked well for the startups and small businesses that have just entered the markets. 

    The software development technologies may be new to companies, and hence it is ideal to have someone who is an expert in the same.

    ManekTech has a dedicated team of software developers who’re masters in different technologies. It is not only about development but keeping control of its performance and managing other updates. 


    CMS & E-commerce

    E-commerce is in demand like never before, and hence ManekTech offers the best content management systems to multiple e-commerce clients. The use of high-end technologies by the ManekTech team ensures that all services are highly customized and integrated at the same time.

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    Wrapping Up

    While it is not wise to ignore the power of digitization for the business, you can start it by taking the first step to hiring dedicated developers. Then, all it needs to excel in a specific niche is the availability of customized apps in tech-savvy modern competition. But, unfortunately, many startups and medium businesses are afraid of the development costs.

    2022 is expected to be the year of customer experience that is incomplete without many companies’ e-commerce web design & development. The long-term association with a leading organization like ManekTech is all that a business can rely on while looking for the best business strategies for 2022.

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    Devubha Manek, CEO of ManekTech, is the Managing Director & Key Decisionmaker of the Company with 18 years of the experience in Business and Development. Since the beginning in 2011, Devubha has been strategic leader of the company.

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