DNN (DotNetNuke) – Take Your Content Management System (CMS) To The Next Level

May 10 2018Written by Manektech Team

In this internet globe many websites do play very useful source when it comes to present the latest and updated information to the online visitors. There are numbers of content based websites (such as news and corporate websites, blogs, forums, magazine, educational, information sites, etc.) being available online are playing very useful role towards the user experience. The Content Management System (CMS) believes to be most valuable factor for every successful content-based websites as it allows any authoring person or users to manage and organize the website content with ease. Being content- based site owner your website CMS is as much as important as your website content. DNN (DotNetNuke) is one of the best web based CMS that do allow a programmer to develop next level Content Management System. Below I have mentioned certain advantages of DotNetNuke towards the CMS.

Open Source

One of the most important advantages of DNN (DotNetNuke) is open source content management system of the Microsoft.net technology. As it works with an on open source, so the programmers do not need to worry more about the paid licenses community edition. As open source code being available to the general public so any web programmers easily able to make the changes from the existing code and may apply that code to improve the website’s CMS or other web application.


The DotNetNuke framework highly flexible towards the CMS when it comes to work with the modules. The web programmers can easily create the own custom modules and also able to easily integrate that module with any web application worth having its drag and drop functionality. In any specific module administrator or any authoring person are able to assign multiple roles to a single user and that can be implemented on multiple websites by enabling the public role option. The developers can create custom modules through programming languages like C#.Net or Vb.net.


One can easily create secure and robust web based Content Management System or any other web application with the use of DotNetNuke. DNN offers a high level of security mechanism over a user control; which allows a page wise or module wise user authentication/ permission to provide secure control for view, edit or deny particular user’s content or control to grant partial of full access of particular webpage or website. This is one of the most valuable advantages of the CMS.


Dotnetnuke installation is very easy compared to the other frameworks. With just one click you can easily install DNN CMS to your PC. Dotnetnuke installation process comparably easy and also takes less time as the user does not need to follow any harder step throughout the whole installation process.

Multi-Language Localized

DNN support Multi-Language Localization feature. This feature helps any programmer or any authoring person to translate specific content into any language. This feature could be proving extremely beneficial when it comes to work with multi-language web application development.

Easy To Use

Last but not the least DNN content management system is very easy to use as it allows administration or any authoring person to view and edit content relatively easy along with the well-organized manner. Dotnetnuke also provide powerful rich text editor and many more other advance features that make it user friendly CMS for users.

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