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    Offshore development centers are getting increasingly popular amongst startups, especially IT because of the benefits it offers. Offshore development centers combine the efficiency and skills of in-house development team with speed and cost-effectiveness. Offshore software development is a cheaper, faster and more efficient way to enhance your business operations and productivity.

    IT startups often have limited budget, limited time, high turnover and inadequate resources. The only reason startups don’t consider outsourcing to offshore development centers is because they are not aware about its benefits. From speedy development process to cost savings, use of the latest tools and technical support, offshore development centers offer invaluable advantages to every startup. Let us see what offshore development centers can offer.

    1. Cost Effective

    It is no secret that the app development cost in the US and most western European countries are very expensive. Since almost every startup has a limited budget initially, it is advisable to outsource or hire offshore software developers to cut the costs as much as possible. For instance, in countries like India, you get access to specialized skill sets for much less. It is a smarter choice to hire an offshore app development company with a good reputation, like ManekTech and pay a little more than just going for the cheapest.

    2. Time Saving

    Working with an ODC can help you save time in multiple ways. Unlike investing so much time in hiring an in-house team, the app development company has a bunch of talents who know what task to accomplish and how to work together. Working with new employees is quite time consuming, since you have to introduce them to  your work culture, the technology available in your enterprise, training sessions and so on. You can certainly save a huge amount of time if you trust an offshore development center rather than doing everything in-house.

    3. Boost Productivity

    There are many things involved for a new IT business to take off the ground. When you consult offshore development center, they perform a lot of tasks on your behalf, so you get to focus on the core part of your business. It will eventually improve the efficiency of your employees when they are not overwhelmed by loads of tasks. Choosing an offshore app development center means you can focus better on things like fund raising, deal with legal issues, develop a strategy and so on, which are crucial for your business.

    4. Better Scalability

    Hiring an in-house team is not a scalable solution. The hiring process itself is time-consuming and you have to invest heavily in training as well. When your business takes a downswing, you may have to let some employees go, and when it gets busy, you may have to rush to hire new skill sets. On the contrary, hiring offshore development firm is a feasible solution. You don’t have to conduct interviews, do screening and then hiring employees. You can pay offshore development center when the project is completed and you can scale down. Then, when you are ready to expand, you can hire them again to scale up.

    5. Access to Established Infrastructure

    It takes a considerable amount of money for a startup to set up IT system that is capable of designing, developing, implementing and testing software applications. However, a well-established offshore application development center will have all the tools and infrastructure required to start building applications and deliver optimum results. You do not have to invest in any hardware equipment that is not related to your core business operations. The offshore development company will not only have advanced physical and hardware equipment, but also latest techniques and methodologies for efficient project development.

    6. On Time Delivery

    When you outsource to an offshore development center, you must clearly mention your deadlines. Once the offshore company knows about timelines, you can mostly expect to get your project completed on time since they are experienced in developing the project under strict procedures and fully-functional environment. If you choose to work with a dedicated ODC, you can rest assured that there is someone working on your project all the time.  

    7. Continuous Support

    A competent offshore development partner will provide around the clock support during all stages of the project life cycle, even after the system is implemented. The professional offshore development center makes sure all the information pertaining to your project is retained in their system even if you don’t wish to extend the partnership. This approach of retaining the information by development center guarantees satisfactory support services whenever you need their help.


    We confidently urge IT startups to consider working with a prominent offshore development center, such as ManekTech. We will not only help you save time and money, but also help you enjoy better scalability, enhanced flexibility and access to the latest tools and technology to help your business prosper.  

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    ManekTech Team

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