Top 8 Benefits of Using Laravel Framework for Your Business

For any business to expand its customer base, having a presence on the internet is a must. Without a strong worldwide presence, it is quite impossible to lead in the market. A website that is the blend of powerful technology, expert skill sets and solid strategy is necessary to accomplish your business goals.

However, enterprises are often overwhelmed when they are presented with a number of web development technology. If you are looking for a user-friendly and sales-driven website, Laravel application development is an ideal choice of many businesses because of the plethora of benefits it offers. In this post, we will discuss all the benefits of this framework that will help you in developing responsive, stable and user-friendly storefronts.

1 Simplified Authentication Systems

It is very important for the business owners to protect their resources as well as critical user data. In order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing paid or secured resources, you need to implement strict security measures. When you choose the Laravel app development, implementing the authentication system is pretty simple. You can easily organize authorization logic, control access and configure nearly everything out-of-the-box.

2 Integration of Rich Tools to Make Application Faster

In this present world, having just an application is not just enough. The application should be safe, feature-rich, and more importantly, faster. The faster the app, the more users will convert into customers. Integrating the caching back-end is often required to improve website performance. The Laravel enterprise application development provides support for several cache backends, like Memcached and Redis. The framework is configured in a way that uses the file cache driver and store cache objects in a particular file system.

3 Automated Testing

Testing is a crucial phase in any web development cycle. Without testing, you can never know what the developer has created will perform without any bugs, or crashes. Automatizing the testing process will consume less time and provide better results than manual testing. Laravel out-of-the-box offers support for testing with PHPUnit. It provides convenient ways to run tests and examine the output to make sure the software is running at peak performance.

4 Error and Exception Handling

Even the smallest error can impact your user experience and usability of your app. Proper error handling is often required while designing data entry forms. If a user is submitting the information, but your application is not allowing to submit because of inappropriate data entered, then the user needs to be informed about the error. Laravel comes with powerful error handling capabilities with Monolog logging library. Without proper error and exception handling, your users may think that the problem is with the application and they may leave your site.

5 Managing and Scheduling Tasks

Whether you want to send marketing emails to your subscribers in the morning or clean up cache memory at the end of the day, every web application needs some kind of task scheduling system that conduct tasks whenever required. Laravel itself has a command scheduler that allows you to define tasks and run them whenever you want to.

6 URL Routing Configuration

When your users use your application, they type and click on the links and wish to see desired content, description, product, contact page, etc. Without URL routing, the app will never understand what your users want to see and may land on the error page. In Laravel, all routes are defined in the app/Http/routes.php and automatically loaded, so your users can see whatever they are looking for.

7 Inbuilt Libraries

Libraries are an essential part of any web development framework as it facilitates much faster development in the efficient manner. Laravel comes with a number of pre-installed dynamic libraries, including Object Oriented libraries that you won’t find in other PHP frameworks. In addition to hassle-free implementation, Laravel libraries offers plenty of functionality to help you trigger events, send HTTP requests, generate views, etc. A whole host of libraries that is found only in Laravel makes it a popular choice amongst developers.

8 Fixed Common Technical Vulnerabilities

An application is always prone to security vulnerabilities, such as cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and so on.  Being a secured platform, Laravel takes care of its security within the framework. The codebase is extremely protected and it has been examined by several experts. A good Laravel app development company never forgets to ensure security and fixes all the security vulnerabilities before delivering the project.


Laravel is the top contender when it comes to efficient web development frameworks as it contains all the features to create modern applications. However, the success of your application is majorly dependent on whom you choose for Laravel app development. If you are looking for a compelling website for your enterprise, ManekTech offers exceptional Laravel development services backed by years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

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