How To Excel Your Business With Sales Channel Strategy?

In the sales-driven business, one prominent pain area is to have 100% efficiency and productivity. And to maximize this, it's imperative to offer the latest sales build infrastructure, which ensures your sellers, distributors, and dealers can fetch better productivity in this fast-paced business dynamic.

So what’s the solution? What should you do to help your team grow? How can you make your sales channel strategy from scratch? Which technological advancements will help you grow?    

Well, one of your best bet is to hire a custom software development company that can help you build:

  • Advanced Sales Channel Strategy
  • Mobile App Development 
  • Digital Market Strategy
  • Various Custom Software Solutions

The sales portal is one such business solution. Why? Let's have a look!

Sales Portal

A sales portal is a platform that allows you to align the interests of your sales team and external partners to manage your sales content like sales presentations, product descriptions, and more. This sales content will help your business perform your sales activities much better and increase your business turnovers.

Some of the best sales portal examples are:

  • A well-distributed file-sharing system
  • Automatic platforms for marketing
  • Content Management Platforms to deliver better content
  • Custom-built portals to fulfill the needs of your business
  • Sales enable software for an effective digital marketing strategy

After knowing the various sales portals available in the market, the next question arises: 

How to choose the best sales portal?

Choosing the best portal can be a bit confusing and tiring. But here are all characteristics that will help to opt for the best portal.

  • Relevant and Organized content is the key

How will your clients feel if the portal gives highly technical information, unrelated case studies, details about irrelevant products? Most likely, they will switch to your competitor’s website, where they can find valuable content that is simple to understand. Thus to keep your audience on your web page, you must share relevant and organized content on your portal.

  • Extensible and affordable sales portal

With growing sales in your business, you need to develop your sales portal too. Good software portals will help you to target your audience better. In addition, an extensible and affordable sales portal will help you create a better sales funnel for your customer, a more reliable digital market strategy, and mobile app developments to grow your business.

  • Timely delivery of information

Giving the correct information at the right time is the key to enabling perfect search results.  A portal with delayed results in search will make your client focus on your competitors. Thus to move their focus on your sales portal, you should have a fast loading speed of the website, informative content, and 24X7 availability to clients. 

A perfect channel sales portal will enable distributors, resellers, service providers with adequate marketing resources, pricing, and sales of products and services. It also provides technical support and details that are unavailable to other end users.

Factors You Must Consider Before Applying An Appropriate Sales Channel Strategy

It is essential to study the following factors for a suitable channel strategy.

  • Goals
    The channel should be able to achieve the specific objective designed by your organization.
  • Value proposition
    This step understands which type of channel is suitable for a specific kind of product.
  • Budget
    Budget plays a crucial role in deciding the type of channel.
  • Competitors
    Don’t forget to check your competitor’s channel. It is crucial to understand if you can withstand the competition.
  • Target customers
    The channel chosen should be appropriate for your end-users.

Customized Solution For Different Business Needs

A customized solution is what you need to face the competition and manage your business successfully. Custom software development services have enormous uses-

  • It helps to use the emerging technologies.
  • It makes employees more productive.
  • It allows you to achieve business targets
  • It ensures timely planning.
  • It keeps up with the market pace.

How Can ManekTech Help?

We at ManekTech, provide a Sales channel strategy to help you choose the right sales channel for your organization.

We study your goals, value proposition, budget, competitors, target customers and then facilitate you with an appropriate sales channel strategy.

ManekTech, a Custom Software Development Company India, can help you with practical business solutions for all your problems. At ManekTech, we give business owners a choice to choose their preferred engagement model with us as per their budget. We help our clients reach their customers and build them customized software specifically for their needs.

As a top Web Development Company in India -  ManekTech provides custom web development solutions to our clients. We use the power of the internet to make stellar websites and portals for our clients. These portals ensure to fast-track the sales process, resulting in high productivity among employees. And having stellar web apps help engage more audience, bring traffic to websites and more.


For custom solutions to grow business, your business ManekTech is the apt choice. We provide innovative and scalable solutions for your problems and take your business to new heights. So choose us to solve all your business-related queries or issues.

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