How to Speed Up Mobile App Development Process and Save Time

Needless to say, having an enterprise mobile app is one of the best strategies to acquire more customers. For any organization, the major goal is to stay ahead in the competition, expand customer base and generate tremendous revenue. The businesses must plan their application development strategies in order to attain these goals.

The mobile app development is a pretty expensive and intensive task. Considering the fierce competition, the first-to-market app can make all the difference. However, it gets very challenging to develop an app that is not only fully functional, but also doesn’t break your bank. One good way to keep your mobile application development budget intact is to reduce the development time. Since time is money, the longer you take to develop the app, the more expensive it will get. In this post, we will discuss some exceptional time saving tips that will make the development process much easier and give you competitive advantages.

1 Understand Your Audience

Before commencing mobile app development, try to identify potential customers of your application in the target market, such as your customer interest, their needs, why would they use it, how your users will be benefitted and whether there are enough users to purchase your app. Considering all these questions will make sure you are not targeting wrong people and your time and resources are not wasted. Clarity of such concerns will not only save your time, but amplify your success.

2 Consider Cross-platform Development

One big question that all enterprises struggle with is what platform do I choose for my mobile app? If you are looking to target the audience of either iOS or Android users, native platform may serve your purpose. But, if you are looking to develop an app that supports multiple platforms, then you should consider cross-platform development. With cross-platform development, you can significantly reduce the time as you can create a single codebase that will run flawlessly across different operating systems.

3 Opt for Wireframe Designing

Once your project requirements are defined, don’t just start developing your app. Produce a blueprint of the application that represents its design, architecture and structure. A wireframe is an essential part of the mobile app development process, since it allows mobile app developers to get a better idea of the required features. Creating a Wireframe ensures every member of the team is progressing simultaneously in the app development life cycle.

4 Make Use of Ready-made Components

Presently, there are so many websites that offer ready-made components, modules, templates, libraries and even code that you can directly use in your application. Most of them are available at free of cost, while premium assets may be available at a small cost. Using reliable third-party tools and app elements like graphics, music, animations and so on will help you reduce development time as well as deliver high-quality application.

5 Go for Automated Testing

If you want to deliver high quality and secure mobile app, then you will need to perform rigorous app testing. App testing can be very time consuming and tedious, but when you opt for automated testing, it will considerably reduce the development cycle. Enterprises can run several tests simultaneously in the same amount of time, which makes testing faster and easier. Implementation of automated testing will save a significant amount of time and improves security and quality of the app as well.  

6 Regular Code Check and Quality Assurance

It is highly recommended that you run code reviews at the regular time intervals rather than doing it after the project completion. According to a survey conducted by SmartBear, an organization that did regular code check saved $150 that they would have spent fixing bugs otherwise. By examining the quality of code when every milestone is accomplished, you can easily resolve the errors as they arise. The issues may get heavily ingrained in your application if you wait for the project to reach the end of the development cycle.

7 Outsource to Experts

If you are looking for complex and feature-rich applications, it is suggested that you outsource to expert mobile app development company. The company, like ManekTech, that has worked for numerous industry verticals, and has wide experience in leading systems, such as Android as well as iOS, can design and implement innovative features of your industry domain. Moreover, outsourcing to a reputed company will also give you access to a large pool of talents, so you can focus on your core business operations.


If you follow above-mentioned practices, it will definitely help you slash down mobile app development time. ManekTech has acquired immense experience in delivering best in class applications in a faster and cheaper way. Choose us and we will help you improve time-to-market, better customer engagement and ultimately more.

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