Neat things are not comparable (PHP & MEAN/MERN), Fruit Full for developers

Web Application Experts, you already know that these two technologies are ringing the bell in the world, towards the transformation from cutting edge to the practical workforce.

People are always curious to compare, and from comparison, people are selecting their comfort zone, But Neat things are not comparable..

According to my PHP & MEAN/ MERN is Neat things...

Let's bring these two items on your plate.

PHP is a language while
MEAN(Mongo, Express,Angular, Node) /
MERN(Mongo,Express, React, Node)
are technology stack both are used for writing web apps as well.

You might like to compare PHP with Javascript or NodeJS with Zend Framework, Phalcon, Laravel, and CI but there are no comparisons of LAMP and MEAN / MERN stack.

As per my perceptions, it is not a matter of which one getting jobs better but it matter of which one brings the better possibility for the business.

Practically, if you want to bring the business, both technologies have their own world of possibilities, so use the right tool for the right job.

I am sharing a few points here that can be useful for learners, an entrepreneur, and for those who are comparing neat things.

Be Prepare

  • Information Technologies means to be updated in a timely fashion
  • These come with challenges that you may not be prepared for it.
  • Now, if you are looking to learn simply how to code, or if you are an entrepreneur and you want to include this technology stack then you have to prepare for it.
  • Let’s say you or your employee do not already have any programming experience with LAMP / MEAN and MERN is going to be hard-boiled ones to wrap your head around.
  • If your career or business demands MEAN and MERN you are combining three signifies of JavaScript and a Database into a learning slot or hundreds of hours to make it practically possible.
  • When anyone started learning or implementing the LAMP they may not expect to have to learn all about Apache, Linux, PHP, and MySql to name as learn PHP.
  • But I must say if you bring the result on your plate then you just follow the demand forecasting and take this as a challenge.
  • I have to pick both because each language or technology has convincing features that you as a developer must know.
  • You should always learn as many technologies as you can and apply one language/technology/framework’s good features in others.


  • As I have mentioned, “apply one language/technology/framework’s good features in others”.
  • Let's give life to these quoted words
  • For instance, I am planning for progressive web, with the purpose to decrease the gap between mobile web and mobile apps by offering features like installation feature, carrying out background processes and sending push notifications.
  • Again I have a strong PHP MVC backend team who can able to brings the desired result.
  • But the progressive web is not a matter of only Html + PHP MVC, so let's introduce angular / react js as front-end for this web application, and now it becomes hybrid web application and progressive as well

I have encompassed & summarized this blog from articles, books, and my knowledge to bring the neat things, I hope this will help



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