Software Development: Developers Need Technical Aptitude Alongside The Skills

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    Software development is an extensive process. It involves several software developers and numerous technologies. Once you get into software development, everything revolves around the skills. Therefore, technical skills hold a lot of value. Many of us would have heard about the aptitude tests being carried out in many companies for the software developer position. You may think, ‘why do we need to test the technical aptitude if the person has the technical skills?’ Technical aptitude vs. technical skill can be an open debate. However, one must understand that both are important. We all must agree that technical skills are compulsory for any software developer. The question is about good technical aptitude. Let us understand why it is equally important.

    What is Technical Aptitude and its Importance?

    The technical aptitude includes analytical skills, logical reasoning, problem-solving quality, data interpretation, and many other soft skills that are helpful in software development. Technical skills and aptitude go hand-in-hand. Let us consider a cook who knows the recipe. Without assessing the kind of heat required for cooking the dishes, and the quantity of different stuff required to feed x number of people, the same person may not be able to satisfy everyone. Technical aptitude can be said to be similar to the assessment skill required for assessing what to implement and how to implement it. For example, one software project may involve different technologies. The developer must determine how these technologies are implemented to deliver the best solution at the expected time.

    Benefits of Hiring Software Developers with Technical Aptitude and Technical Skills

    1. Competitive advantage

    We live in a competitive age where new products and features are being introduced to the market daily. The languages and technologies are getting updated, and one has to stay updated with them. If you hire a software developer with only the necessary technical skills, you may contact the expected results but lack the agility and flexibility to adopt something new during the development phase. A software developer with the right technical skill and aptitude can understand the market developments, learn them, implement them into the project at a fast pace and deliver at the expected delivery time.

    2. A good team

    Software development is not only about coding. It comprises people with different responsibilities and skills, such as a tester and team lead. To build a good software development team, you need developers sound in every technical and soft skill. So, while hiring a software developer may give you good coders, software developers with good coding and aptitude can help you create a competent software development team.

    3. Cost-effectiveness

    Specific skills do not exist in the market. In this case, there are two options for you. The first one is to hire a highly experienced software developer who has developed these skills with experience. The second option is hiring good software developers with good technical aptitude. These developers can be trained to learn different desired skills and perform the tasks. The first way will cost you a lot of money, and you may end up with a technically over-skilled developer. The second way is cost-effective. You can hire software developers with different expertise and make them learn the technologies you are going to use. In addition, it will help you imbibe the culture you want them to know.

    Ways to Hire a Software Developer with Technical Skills and Aptitude

    Hiring a software developer with the right technical skill can be easy. A look at the resume can reveal everything. However, assessing technical aptitude can be tricky. Here are some steps that can help you hire the best candidate for software development:

    1) Use talent mapping

    Talent mapping is mapping all the skills the developer has developed and learned from the start of their professional carrier. It is a checklist for you to understand which technical and soft skills they might have developed while switching roles. At the same time, you will be able to understand the skills the person lacks and if you can help them learn them.

    2) Conduct tests and interviews

    You can conduct face-to-face interviews with the software developer and understand the skills the developer owns. In addition, please find out the willingness to learn new technologies to ensure the person is set to give their best.

    Software development is full-fledged and extensive work and involves different skills. Therefore, a software developer with both technical aptitude and skill is the best fit for any role as they can be progressive, fast, and adaptable to the changes in the project. Therefore, focus on the technical aptitude along with the technical skills to create a flexible and competitive software development team.


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