In the present technology world, you never stop learning, especially when you are a developer. Staying ahead in the web development game means you should constantly adapt to the latest technologies, frameworks, libraries and APIs, and address the growing needs of the customers. Front-end is an essential part of any web application. The success of the website majorly depends on visual elements and its usability.

The front-end development technologies are evolving continuously. It is no longer just about the coding, but the developers need to have other essential website development skills and visualize the picture beyond coding. It plays an important role in improving usability, UX/UI and more. No matter what front-end technologies the developers use, there are some common core principles that they need to adopt in 2020.

1 Turn to Artificial Intelligence

AI has been moving forward at a rapid pace, and we have already seen its applications in various industries like smart home, robots, autopilot and voice search. In the web development industry, AI is used to create smart chatbots to provide an improved user experience. Moreover, the developers will be able to transfer common actions to robot without compromising on quality, and saving considerable time and money. According to a study, AI is expected to see a further growth of 20 to 30% in 2020, giving us a clear picture of its dominance in the web application development.

2 Increase Focus on Usabilitiy

A great end product is that which users are able to use it without any trouble. Front-end development is not just about JavaScript and the actions users take, it is about offering clear and practical user interface. It should display consistent hierarchy and offer simple navigation. Users simply scan through the pages while searching for the main information and the web page should be able to accommodate that. According to a research, users generally read a first few lines of the headings and texts, go through buttons and visual elements and locate the most crucial information they are looking for. So, aim to make navigation logical, clear and consistent from the user’s perspective.

3 Switch to Interactive Motion UI design

One of the most interesting developments every web development company should pay attention to in 2020 is Motion UI graphics. Integrating motion UI in user interface design, you can develop dynamic UI features seamlessly, enabling developers to create a high-level front-end design without any advanced JQuery or JavaScript knowledge. It will offer access to the vast open-source library that provides quick and versatile tools for creating smooth animated content. With all such tools right within our reach, it is not wrong to say that the businesses will grow and request more of such content in user interface development.

4 Product for the End-User

Front-end web development in India includes working with technologies like JavaScript and HTML/CSS and then working on the user interface part to make it look appealing. But, the real question lies in how well users are able to understand the product and how they respond to it. If you are creating a product that doesn’t solve their problem, then the sale will soon come to a halt. Therefore, front-end developers must know who is going to use the product, understand what user problems they are trying to solve, know their goals, work for easy design and usability and how they can deliver the best navigation experience.

5 Developing Interface for Mobile Users

For the last five years, the count of mobile users has gone up to nearly 4 billions. This clearly indicates how important it is to create consistent and clear user interface across all devices, especially mobile phones. Although the number of mobile users is increasing, many enterprises haven’t yet built one as needed. Mobile version shouldn’t be like the desktop version, but reduced down to the size that fits the screen. While developing the web pages for mobile, the developers also need to keep user actions in mind, like swiping, ticking, tapping and typing from the mobile device. If the users are able to browse the application flawlessly and reach the final call-to-action, then the website is said to be designed truly for mobile.


To conclude, the front-end development industry is all about thinking in terms of users and their behavior. Since the front-end development is constantly evolving within certain tools and libraries, the only way to stand out among the crowd is to seek new ways to improve your knowledge and abilities. If you are looking to deliver smooth and seamless user experience, choose to outsource web development in India with a company like ManekTech, as we have a vast experience of creating websites and applications that easily handle all types of user requests. If your application is able to provide what users seek, it will definitely improve your conversion rate.

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