Waiting For The Newest Features Of Laravel9? Here's What You Need To Know First

Developers and companies are eagerly waiting for the new features of the most sought-after web application framework.

The kind of eagerness that certain developers and companies in the vast and ever-evolving technological world have been showing is truly a sight to behold, looking at how things have constantly been developing across the sector, with so many new changes and advancements and adoption of new technologies in the industry. Amongst these developments, Laravel9 development accumulated much buzz. It became a topic of discussion regarding Laravel web development services and its newest features, also what developers and companies can expect from it with Laravel development company's newest version, which is now expected to be released by January 2022.

Out of the many topics that people liked to discuss happening around the tech world, Laravel development company probably was one of the most discussed topics, for the kind of buzz it created around the features it would be providing for which various companies and developers have been waiting excitedly for to embrace.

Let us understand first why Laravel has always stood apart from others in the industry. All thanks must go to the scalability and elegance of the framework, making it the most sought-after in the industry, using the PHP programming language. Also, it is free and excels at building custom web pages using PHP, handling things that may be challenging for one to build, like routing, templating HTML, and authentication. It is backend as it is server-side and runs on PHP.

What has intrigued and thrilled more companies and developers is the Laravel9 development company and their robust team's significant transition from their traditional 6-month release cycle to a 12-month release cycle using the Semantic Versioning (Semver) approach. The Laravel team has announced that they would release a new major version once in a year. After the Laravel8 release in September 2020, people expected the Laravel9 to release in September 2021.

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However, Laravel uses several community-driven packages and Symfony components as well for a wide range of features in the framework, and Symfony 6.0 is expected to release this November. Hence, they chose to delay the release of Laravel9 until January 2022.

The newest features and improvements of the latest Laravel9 development include - New Query Builder Interface, PHP 8 strings functions, minimum PHP requirement, anonymous stub integrations, and many other new fixes and improvements, which will also break many changes and bring something new to the table.

Throwing more light on how Laravel works, experts say that they ace the game using a Model-View-Controller design pattern (MVC.) Breaking down the meaning of this design pattern, they explain that the model is the shape of the data on which the application operates, and the controller is what interacts with this model, which contains most of the logic for the application, and this info is used by the controller to construct a view, which is all of the applications' HTML components. This system is used by Laravel to power custom apps.

And how can people get started with Laravel, you ask? Well, they only need a web server with PHP installed. They will also need a Composer, a dependency manager for PHP, and a database. After the dependencies are installed, they can download and install Laravel from Composer, which will be technically only a Laravel installer, so they can create a new Laravel installation using Laravel new, which will create a new directory named “blog” and install Laravel to it.

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