People are always too excited to know and learn about the latest releases of tech, gadgets, websites, apps, and the like, for they want to walk in sync with the changing trends of the industry and be as tech-savvy as they can be. All the business owners and entrepreneurs were thrilled to know the release of the latest WordPress 5.8 version, which has currently become the talk of the town. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows people and business owners to host and build websites. It is a go-to tool for them for it offers them plugin architecture and a template system, making it convenient for them to customize any website that may deem fit for their business, portfolio, online store, or blog. Also, we are recognized as a top WordPress Developer by

WordPress 5.8 was released on 20th July 2021, touted as the second major release of the year. It is loaded with some new features and improvements (nearly 300), which has allowed for new and creative ways of working on the WordPress website. Let's learn what's new in the newest version of WordPress.


If you wish to edit the feel and look of the website, blocks have emerged as an updated way for it. WordPress 5.8 has brought some great features in the block editor, including The Query Loop Block, Patterns Recommendations in Add Block Panel, Selection of Parent Block in Nested Blocks, and so much more.

WebP images: 

This is the new image format that has been introduced with WordPress 5.8 that can reduce the image file by 25%-34% than the JPEG or PNG files, without losing the quality. This is a great improvement as it can boost the performance and speed of any website. WebP images are now supported by the latest version by default. This means, without using a plugin, one can save and upload their WebP images.

New Template editor: 

This ensures a full-size editing tool using the block editor. In WordPress 5.8, the template editor is a theme-specific feature and still uses the WordPress theme's appearance and styles.

The features mentioned above will be of vital importance to business owners as the brand-new features give them multiple ways to innovate and express themselves creatively to the people they wish to cater to. It provides them with Query Loop Block, which allows them to display posts based on custom criteria. With the ListView, business owners and publishers will also get an overview of all the blocks they are working on, helping them navigate to specific blocks.

The best WordPress developer, "Manektech", consists of top and savvy developers who are ready and all excited to take on the new challenge of the latest release and, as usual, perform the best. They were waiting for WordPress 5.8 to release and now are well prepared to offer the best solutions to clients to help take their blog, business, and portfolio to the next level.

The incredible benefits it offers clients include cool new features, some of which we already discussed above, and security, which can be ensured by keeping WordPress plugins, themes, and the core itself up-to-date. WordPress also comes with a built-in update notification system, which will always highlight the available updates. Hence, it helps people with always keeping it up-to-date. To help people upgrade to the latest version, they also give email notifications, or people can even use auto-install for WordPress updates.

WordPress 5.8 is the latest in the market, and not many developers have approached it yet, which helps Manektech lead ahead of its contemporaries.