Why Is Kotlin The Most Preferred Choice Of Developers? Let's Take A Look

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    It has emerged as the first choice for development covering wide areas which include server-side, client-side web, and android.

    Kotlin is a programming language that has gained tremendous buzz amongst the developer community since the time it was launched. The popularity quotient touched the skies when Google announced its support to Kotlin as an official language for Android apps. Many are unaware that it carries exponential benefits, which can help scale your business manifold.

    What is Kotlin? Where is it majorly used?

    It is designed for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and as Java is almost used virtually across all platforms, it has a great compatibility advantage. It was developed by JetBrains in 2011, but remained backstage for almost five years. The lead developer of JetBrains Dmitry Jemerov informs that Kotlin was developed as none of the existing JVM languages of that time had appropriate features. Interestingly, it derives its name from Kotlin Island, which is situated near St. Petersburg. The development team decided to name it after the island, exactly the same way as Java was named, according to sources. It was only in 2017, that it finally grabbed attention after the announcement of Google lending its support to the programming language. It has caught up pace since then and is widely used by developers. Though Kotlin is easily compatible wherever Java is used, it is predominantly used for Android app development by a majority of Kotlin Developers.


    What are the benefits of using Kotlin?

    The amount of coding in Kotlin is relatively less, as the development company have tried to design the programming language concisely. Less coding has its own advantages as it results in less bugs, which helps developers focus on more important aspects of the project. The simpler framework makes the app development process all the more easier. There was a constant need to bring out a simpler tool which would make developers work easy, and the primary goal was to get an effective program that can gel well with Java, which is universally used everywhere. Kotlin solved the issues faced by programmers to a great extent. Apart from these advantages, it has zero runtime overhead as the standard library is minimum.

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    Why has it gained much popularity as compared to others?

    Its multi-platform development makes it the ideal choice for programmers as it not only supports android development but is interoperable enabling developers to be flexible in their development process from the beginning. Additionally, Gradle support has been added, and now writing Gradle files is also possible. Furthermore, with the development of Kotlin/Native, which allows iOS applications there is a further probability to even write apps in this language, which is an added advantage.

    With its growing demand and popularity, many companies have introduced Kotlin application development services to their list and are in the process of hiring Kotlin developers, who are much in demand of late. To sum it up, Kotlin is undoubtedly the most flexible programming language which has loads of advantages over others and can be rated as one of the best amongst the lot.

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