In the recent times, mobile applications have greatly influenced the online businesses because of their ability to target more prospects. Understanding your customers’ requirements and aligning your brand to meet their needs is a key to success for any business. That’s where mobile applications come in. Being a constant companion of smartphone users, mobile apps are being used practically everywhere from communication and entertainment to travel and transferring funds.

However, many businesses are often daunted by high mobile app development costs. But, that’s not always a case. You can significantly lower the cost without compromising on quality if you follow some tips. In this post we have compiled some of the best methods or ways to cut down your enterprise mobile app development cost.

1 Opt for Open Source Code

Developing an app is not only time consuming, but expensive too. Therefore, open source mobile app development platforms are growing popular as these platforms are equipped with pre-built library structure, templates and plug-ins, which allow developers to customize the app to suit their customers’ needs. Consult any competent nearshore app development company that is an expert in open source app development so you can save loads of time rather than writing and testing codes from the scratch.

2 Use Less Graphics and Animation

Although all mobile apps are different from each other, there are some common elements like buttons and navigation that needs to be optimized. Going for highly animated interface will cost you more. Moreover, both app stores and users expect the app to work flawlessly. Adding custom graphics may bog down your app. So, using minimal graphics will not only save your money, but improve performance too.

3 Include Only Essential Modules

When evaluating the features of your app, include only those which are absolutely necessary for the app. Conduct a quick research of what your contenders are offering and list down the essential functionalities. For example, if you are looking to build an on-demand food delivery app, add features like register and log in, GPS tracking, payment gateways, ordering, bill calculator and customer reviews. Start with basic functions, and then include features subsequently which you feel necessary.

4 Consider Outsourcing

Outsourcing to an offshore mobile development company is a wise option because it will deliver great results at the best possible cost. You will get to choose a variety of packages and customization options with a bunch of technical heads working dedicatedly on your project. On the contrary, hiring an individual developer may cost less, but you may not get your desired product because of the limited capabilities of the developer. Though hiring an offshore mobile app development seems a bit costlier upfront, but it will save tons of money in the long run.

5 Choose Hybrid App Development

Yes, we do agree that native apps offer high performance and amazing results, but building separate apps for multiple platforms will turn out very expensive. Choosing a hybrid or cross app development will significantly reduce the cost of your app as you will require to develop only a single app to run across multiple operating systems. Moreover, it is easier to develop cross platform apps because they don’t require any strict hardware requirements. App development time and time to market also becomes pretty fast with hybrid app development.

6 Stay In Touch With the Development Team

When you hire an app development company, make sure you are involved at every stage of the app development process. Communicate regularly and ask for the progress report. This will eliminate any dispute on the spot rather than after the launch of the app. Constant supervision and communicating with the development team will not only prevent any discrepancies, but also decreases overall development cost.

7 Choose an App Partner That Builds App In-House

A mobile application development requires a team of mobile experts, including consultants, managers, designers, developers, QAs and others for a successful delivery of the app. Many agencies develop only a part of the app and then outsource the rest of the modules to other agencies and charge commission from you. This results in increased overhead. Therefore, always look for a company that does all the development processes in-house. It will not only reduce the development cost considerably, but you will receive your app in the lesser time.

Mobile application development is not a costly process if you act smart and strategically. You can save plenty of money if you select a professional mobile app development team, create simple designs, communicate regularly, test your app throughout the development process and finally ensure that even a person with no technical knowledge can use your with app zero difficulties. Embark upon your mobile app development journey with ManekTech as we have a team of proficient developers and managers to help you get the most user-friendly mobile apps to improve engagement and sales.

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