7 Excellent Tips to Save On Your Mobile App Development Cost

The continuous innovation in technology has changed the face of digital marketing. Today, every enterprise is opting for a business app. The reason is pretty apparent that more users are accessing the internet from mobile devices. Whether it is addition of the new products or important updates from the brand, people are constantly being informed on-the-go. Therefore, it becomes imperative for startups, small businesses as well as large enterprises to have a user-friendly mobile app.

However, the first and foremost thing that all businesses are worried about is the cost of building an app. The mobile app development cost varies widely based on the type of app you wish to develop, its features and other factors. You should no way compromise on the quality of the app because of the cost. Here, we have listed a few tips that can help you reduce the mobile application development cost while still keeping the quality intact.

1. Outsource to an App Development Company

The idea of outsourcing mobile application development is the major decision that will help you cut-short your app development cost. According to a research, it takes about $150,000 to $500,000 to develop a standard app. This cost can be significantly brought down between $10,000 and $80,000 if you choose to outsource. In addition to cost savings, another key benefit of outsourcing is you get access to a global pool of talents, making it one of the most preferred strategies for both startups and large-scale businesses.

2. Consider Cross-platform App Development

Currently, the mobile operating system market is largely dominated by Apple and Android. So, cross-platform app development has become highly popular because one set of code can be implemented across multiple platforms. Deploying single code on multiple platforms will get you rid of developing separate apps for specific platforms. It not only saves tons of money, but also saves development time and your app can be launched pretty fast in the market.

3. Leverage the Open source Application Development Frameworks

The popularity of open source app development platforms is growing because of the convenience they offer. Using an open source framework not only helps in savings an abundant amount of money, but also saves significant time as there are pre-built libraries which allow developers to utilize them and customize based on their requirements. There are a plethora of open source platforms and technologies available in the market that can give you access to ready made templates and modules.

4. Regular Communication Flow

It goes without saying that continuous and regular communication between you and the mobile app development company can be very helpful in reducing the cost. Consistent communication will keep things clear and precise for both of you which will avoid any misinterpretations and unnecessary overheads. It will also help in tracking the development process and ensure it is going in the right direction.

5. Simplified UI/UX Design

An app design is as important as app functionalities. The app development cost can greatly be reduced when you use simpler designs. Simple and elegant design also offers a smooth navigation experience for users as the adaptation becomes very easy. The complex design structure will not only perplex your customers, but it will also add unnecessary cost to your project. So, aim for creating designs that are simple and attractive, and still fulfill your app requirements.

6. Implement only Essential Functionalities

Another smart tip to save on the development cost is to include only essential features in your app. It is not really possible to build an app that has all the functionalities in the first place. The wise idea would be to focus on the particular services that you exactly wish to offer. Overcrowding your app with too many features will not only confuse your users, but it will take more time and money to execute them, and may make your app a mess. If you are just starting out, it is advisable that you implement only necessary features.

7. Don’t Stress Over Hurrying the Process

Many times the developers are forced by the clients to complete the project as early as possible. However, that may not be the correct way because constantly pressuring developers to complete the task may result in more mistakes. And, whenever a mistake or a bug is encountered, it consumes extra time and cost to resolve that error. It is better to let developers do their job at their own pace, and deal with each stage of the development process with patience to get the best output.


Thus, saving on the mobile app development is not a difficult task if you follow all the above-mentioned tips. If you are willing to turn your unique app idea into a high-end product at a very budget-friendly price, the contact ManekTech today as we have already helped hundreds of companies to maximize their revenue using exceptional mobile applications.

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