A Useful Guide To Know How To Be An Android Developer In 2023

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    The growing penetration of the internet and mobile phones has made android a household name. Many of us now distinguish mobile phones based on the operating system. Another aspect that draws popularity for android is its open-source nature. Android development has come into the mainstream and software developers now view it as an authentic career option. Often we wonder, “How to become an android developer?” Here is the answer. This is a small guide to help you become an android developer. 

    Roles and Responsibilities of Android Developer

    Let us first understand the responsibilities of the developer. The android developer would be required to develop the android application and integrate it with backend and third-party services. They work with other members of the team including the project manager and the architect. They also take care of the user experience. The developer is also responsible for adding features, fixing bugs, and reconstructing the application performance. Becoming an android developer lets you enter the world of life-long learning where you keep up with new trends and technologies. 

    Steps to Become an Android Developer

    1. Pick a programming language

    As an android developer, you would be involved in developing applications in certain language. We have two major competitors in this domain – Kotlin and Java. The latter has been around for a longer time. Many of us may prefer it. Kotlin also holds  a good ground as it has been developed by Google and offers a host of features that make android development very easy. One great aspect is that both languages are relatable. Java developers can easily learn Kotlin. At the same time, you can learn Kotlin and apply the codes in Java.

    2. Learn the basics of application development

    You can start with the Android application lifecycle. The complete application development process includes several things such as 

    • Programming 
    • Debugging(using Android Studio Debugger)
    • Testing ( with tools like Espresso and Junit)
    • 3rd Party libraries (Eg: GSON and Retrofit)
    • Different components and their usage( for instance using data binding and navigation components)

    Besides these aspects, you can also learn about mobile application development and UX.

    3. Learn Android tools

    There are many tools and technologies used in Android application development. Companies would love to hire android developers with these tools and technologies on their resumes. To start with, learn about XML which is used to design user interfaces. Android Studio is a handy tool used by developers to implement XML design and implement business logic. One should learn about Android interactivity and UI. Implementing navigation is also an important aspect of Android development. Navigation is the way the users are going to interact with different components of the android application. 

    When companies hire a dedicated android developer, they enquire about their views on data management. Any application deals with humongous user data and you must be in a position to efficiently manage and utilize it. You should know using the database. Learn about Android Jetpack which is the suite of libraries that help you follow the best development practices. Learn about the Room database, DataStore, and Data Binding library.

    The next thing you can learn is some of the application development platforms. For instance, explore firebase. It is a platform used to develop applications for getting returns in terms of high traffic and money. Next two  important things are:

    • Android security: It is the most essential component in android application development. You have to learn to use the permissions. You have to learn how to handle data security when you use content providers, internal storage, and external storage. Many organizations hire Android development services for this reason. A service or android development company offers a complete solution and takes care of the security. 
    • Version control system: In simple language, it is a repository where the developers store their codes. Git is commonly used version control software. Multiple developers can work on the same line of code without disturbing anything in the main code. It is a great way to experiment with things. 

    4. Take a small project

    Now that you are updated with the basics, technology, and tools, it is time to take the next step. You can start by contributing to open source. Take up a small project to test your understanding and knowledge. Take up a project that adds something meaningful to your resume and knowledge. GitHub has a range of projects for the public. You can take up any of it and start working on it. Connect with the android developer community to get feedback on your work. Today, we have many websites such as Linkedin where you can connect with professionals from other companies. You can connect with them in person and ask for an internship to gain experience and confidence. 

    5. Float the resume

    It is about time you update your resume and share it across the job portals. In this digital age, the opportunity is endless. You can search for jobs on job portals or apply on company websites. Another amazing opportunity comes from working as a freelancer. The companies are ready to hire remote android developers. You can create your profile as a freelancer and update it on websites like Linked in and freelancer.com. You can choose to develop an android application and enter the official android market. There are many ways to start as an android developer. 


    Android development is a lucrative career option that is going to stay evergreen. This is a small guide to becoming a developer and success will depend on your command on technical skills and practice. There are many free and paid training courses available to help you learn android development. As an android developer, you get access to endless opportunities and the earnings will only increase with time. It is never late to learn. Follow this guide to start your stint as an android developer and enter the interesting field of android development. 

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