Google has introduced Android Instant Apps feature in Android app development. It provides rich, native experiences at the tap of any generated web link. Users can experience your app without installing your app, enabling a higher level and quality of engagement.

Mainly android instant app features provide without any installation users can use the app using a web link. Like, Games users try to play the games without downloading them.

Feature Modules

Developers can manage the app download size using the multiple feature module developed in the one project. So every project feature module is used when the user wants to use the specific app functionality. See how useful the instant app multiple feature module is well described in the below image.

Feature modules are the base of the Android Instant Apps architecture. Feature modules are used for features that are addressable through a URL and therefore can be run as an instant app. So usually your application will be split into several feature modules, each of them giving access to a feature of the application reachable through a URL.

Mainly Feature Modules work in two different ways:

? for a standard app it generates an aar and works like a library
? for an instant app it generates an Instant App APK
For add instant app support you have to write the below code in your app level build.gradle file:

For enable base feature module you have to write the below code in your project-level build.gradle file:

After the above specification you have to add your feature module in your project. Now Click on File > New > New Module and choose Feature Module. Then define a name for this module (for example InstantTrip List) and finally choose Add No Activity. After following this steps you have to see a minor changes in your project level build.gradle file:

All the processes are mainly implemented for the add the base feature module in your app so when the base feature modules are accessing the other module using the instant app support link you have to add below code in your AndroidManifest.xml file. You have to give the authority of such a link to open your activity in the BROWSABLE window.  Add the host of your dynamic link generated also you have to add the scheme of your url like, http and https so unauthorized url can’t access your app activity.

Android Instant App support reduces the app size and splits your application in different modules. So when we produce the app we get the minimum size of the app and users can easily try and use these apps.

Google’s Instant App only allow the below permissions:











See in the above list you have to Notice that things like Bluetooth, set alarm, use fingerprint and set wallpaper are missing.

Other limitations include the lack of support for background services, for push notifications, for accessing external storage, or for looking at installed apps on a device. Instant apps also won’t be able to change settings on the user’s device, such as their wallpaper.

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