How The Launch Of Laravel 9.31 Will Make The Framework More Attractive?

Laravel is a web application framework that has gained tremendous popularity amongst developers. It provides every backend component, including routing, validation, and file storage. In addition, the open-source feature with the easy learning curve makes two of the most important reasons behind its growing popularity. As a result, companies are ready to hire Laravel developers to develop distinguished and high-performing apps. 

Laravel core team keeps introducing new features and bug fixes to make the framework more user-friendly. Laravel 9.31 is the latest release. It contains many developments and database-related changes that made development more robust and accessible.

Let us check out some significant differences in Laravel 9.31

1. Request Lifecycle Duration Handler

Tim MacDonald, a core member of the Laravel team, has contributed to the latest Laravel release. He has added a Request Lifecycle duration handler. With this change, the application request lifecycle that is about to exceed the threshold can be easily handled. This handling part includes different steps. First, the duration of the request handle method is taken into account, and then the access and processes of the applications are terminated. Once the request is returned to the user, this handler is invoked and comes into action. With this new addition, the Laravel developers can track the duration of the application request time and take the required action. 

2. Model ‘without timestamps’ feature

Updated_at column is created by default on the database table corresponding to the model. To manage the automatic creation of the column values, the developers had to define the $timestamps property with a false value. In this latest Laravel release, Tim McDonald has made another contribution. A static without timestamps() has been added to prevent updating the updated_at column. 

3. Vite manifestHash function

Vite is widely used across the globe by Laravel developers to bundle codes for development. In the Laravel 9.31 version, Enzo Innocenzi has contributed a hash method to the vite class. This hash method can be used to return a unique hash for the existing manifests. The same can help invalidate assets. 

4. Fake batches

The developers have used mocking to test different aspects of the Laravel applications. To test a job’s interaction with the underlying batch, the developers assign a fake batch to the job and see the output. Taylor Otwell has made a similar contribution to Laravel 9.31. A fake job batch is added to the test application for a scenario where the job canceled the batch. Another test scenario is to test if one job added another job to the batch. Now, the developers can manually create a FakeBatch to override the cancel and add methods just like this

5. Model getAppends() method

We are talking about Eloquent mutators and accessors here. Using a mutator, the developers can alter the data before it is saved in the database. On the other hand, the accessor enables you to alter the data fetched from the database. Arturo Rodriguez has made a contribution related to the latter one. The accessor method is added to the model. This gives you all the accessors appended to the model arrays to benefit from custom model mapping. 

6. Str wrap static method

To keep the basics clear, the str.wrp() function has been used by the laravel developers to wrap long strings in any series or index for paragraph formatting. Steve Bauman contributed to the Larevel 3.91 by adding the static str::wrap() method, which was missing earlier and needed a string helper to make it available. 

7. Microable Vite

When we talk about a trait, we are talking about a mechanism for code reuse. Microable trait is a beautiful feature of Laravel. It can be said to be a virtual method maker of the class where some methods can be dynamically called without an actual physical presence in the class. In the Laravel 9.31 version, Tim McDonald has contributed a Microable trait to the Vite. You will be able to create aliases that match your JS config.

This is a list of the significant changes in Laravel 9.31. Other additions in the release include added require ‘Symfony/uid.’ There are a few changes and fixes as well. 


Laravel is a prevalent application development framework. Its new releases work on its shortcomings and make it more competitive. Many more businesses and companies are getting into laravel development. If you use laravel as the application development platform, these changes will keep you abreast with the latest in the framework. You can connect with a Laravel developer and enquire about the impact of these changes on your application. Laravel is a very competent and easy framework that can help you to develop a robust and high-performance backend. Connect With Larval development company today to develop an application competent to handle the most extensive possible traffic at a steady pace.  

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