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    Software outsourcing is a way to deploy the organization internal work to some external agency. These agencies could be situated overseas or in the same geographical constant. Hiring an outsource partner is tricky and when a company decides of hiring the external support, its choice of finding a suitable outsourcing partner depends on several crucial considerable thoughts. Outsourcing is not merely a signed agreement between two parties but it could be termed as the growing relation between the client and the outsourced agency for better future project and expanding prospects.

    Business decision makers usually face a dilemma when comes a stage of deciding their outsourcing partner as this marks a budding business relation as well as lots of business work and market reputation will also depends on the coming partner. Many organizations are looking for the right partner for their offshore custom  software development which a little bit riskier because of the different geographical constraints. Having an offshore software team requires huge efforts and a dedicated vision for its successful hosting. With changing times, the process of operating offshore outsourcing is also changing. Initially business invest in information gathering and sharing it with the agency but now-a-days client company can make their manager go in the outsource company to look after the process there. Although there are a lot of considerable steps in choosing of a right outsource partner but we are here giving you an idea about the few crucial points not to be missed while deciding on your software outsourcing partner.

    Proper planning is must: A concrete strategy and proper planning is must when you decide for software outsourcing partner. One should start by analyzing the pros and cons of selecting a particular outsourcing partner. You should be more focused if your planning involves offshore software developers because this is where geographical boundaries get involved and you need to decide on several creative, technical as well as legal aspects.

    Conducting an extensive market survey is always helpful: It is important to know your outsourcing partner better before binding yourself into the official relationship. Investing in market research is always helpful in getting the agency better and that helps in the decision making. Detailed market research helps to understand the outsourced partner’s market value, terms with other partners, financial stability and other small but crucial things.

    Look for a suitable business fit: Although how small it may seem but cultural difference sometimes is a big hurdle in success of any partnership. It is important to know the cultural difference before deciding on any outsourcing partner. In case of offshore partnership, which involves two different geographies, it becomes crucial to understand the time difference and the cultural difference to make an informed decision.

    Look for the associated clients: Before deciding on your outsourcing partner, keep a track on its associated partners list. Invest your time in knowing what are the companies your outsourcing partner is associated with, this will give an outlined idea regarding the kind of work and clients is handled by the organization. There are few organization who are having a good market presence and few companies with the outlook of rough reputation, looking for the associated companies might gives a good idea about the reputation of the client companies and its business pattern.

    Dig out the reviews: Before signing for the outsource partnership, do find out about the reviews of the company from its previous and existing client base. Figuring about the reviews from the terms of clients will help in knowing the company and its various aspects of dealing with the client.

    List the successful deliverable project: There are ample of successful and unsuccessful project a company has. You may ask the respective organization regarding the successful list of projects and can analyze regarding the difficulty and laborious of the particular project making it benchmark of your coming projects. You may also ask for the list of failed deliverables or unsuccessful projects based on which you can figure about the troubles in project and can suggest a solution for that.

    Keep a track on employee’s experience: However the outsourced company is small, medium or large but the core of any organization is its employees. It is true that on a managerial level, you are in talk with the person who is handling and managing decisions but at the core level your work has to be completed by their employees. Custom software application development is a tedious task and would require bunch of experienced employees to accomplish it so It is not a bad idea to keep a track of their employees experience and education for your coming project. You can also ask to have a meeting with the employees who are going to involve in coming project and can decide accordingly.

    Be assured about the technological expertise: It is evident that the custom application software development is a technical work throughout so make sure to get confident about the technological expertise of the team which is going to handle your organization’s work. Make sure that the employees are well versed in the traditional as well as latest technology and can handle every task of yours, don’t hesitate if you need to get in touch with employees also. Make everything count before signing up.

    We understand that choosing a right software outsourcing partner is difficult and crucial hence it marks the successful accomplishment of your several future projects. Keep an eye on the market and make an informed decision.

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