How to Increase the Mobile App Download with Help of ASO

The mobile app ecosystem is flooded with millions of mobile apps. Lately, the major focus has shifted to getting mobile app downloaded instead of creating and uploading it. ASO is App Store Optimization, a mobile app optimization technique to rank your app higher in search results of any app store. ASO is required for both, iPhone app optimization and Android app optimization. Certain ways to positively influence the search results are listed below:

1. Keyword Market Research

The crucial step in implementing ASO is rigorous market research to have a clear understanding of the target audience. Then, research again to arrive at the keywords, used by your audience during search in an app store. This keywords list should bein-hand while creating a portfolio of the app.

2. Keywords Implementation

Title acts as the gateway for every user. Use the most relevant keywords to constitute the title. The title should be self-explanatory and compelling enough for the user to download it. Metadata i.e. the description of the mobile app should again comprise the most relevant keywords.


Higher download attracts a higher ranking. There are certain mobile apps marketing factors that can enhance the download rate:

I. Unique Name

The name of the app should be attractive, unique, and self-explanatory. The user should be prompted to download the app with just one look on.

II. Attractive Screenshots

Screenshots uploaded with the app name should be attractive as they are the face of the application. They should be lucid enough for the user to guess what the app is about.

III. Lucid Video-Descriptions

Video description is a must for most users who tend to understand the app before downloading it. Video descriptions should be short, crisp, lucid, and suitable for every persona.

IV. Multi-Language

The market of the mobile app may extend internationally. It would be a wise move to launch a mobile app with multiple languages to attract more users.

4. Ratings And Reviews

A higher figure of downloads will proportionally impact the number of ratings and reviews. ASO counts the positive and higher number of ratings and reviews for better positioning of mobile app. Reviews are purely based on customer experience. The only way to work on reviews is by creating a good app, timely modifications, and involvement with the users.

The steps above also work for Ios app optimization. With the usage of keywords, the app may be downloaded faster but similar will be the rate of uninstallation. App Store Optimization is designed to acknowledge all the installations. A great rate of uninstallations will impact the app's ranking negatively.

So, be very cautious with the words. The app name and description should not be misguiding. The keyword implementation is a continuous process inviting rework every week. App store Optimization may not be the easiest but the most important task for any app developer today.

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