If you are a gaming lover juggling with the idea of developing a gaming app, then maybe it's the right time to give it a push. The global mobile gaming segment is estimated to generate $164.10Bn in the year 2022, and the revenue is projected to grow at 8.3% CAGR for the next five years. Android is a growing market, and you can always consider developing an android gaming app. The process of developing games can be simple yet complex. The steps for development can be similar to other apps, but every step, from concept development to testing, will demand your time and attention.

You can hire android developers and follow the steps below to develop a robust gaming application. 

1. Choose a Unique and Original Concept

To start with, think about the number of gaming apps you remember. And then find out if these games were the originals. In most cases, you would only remember the original games. Similar to movies, the copied content or game can be called out and consumers can return to the original ones. Before you hire an android app developer, focus on the concept of the game and its originality. Let creativity creep in with technology in a very lucid way. Just remember, Android app development is about profitability, and consumers may not invest money in copycats. 

2. Offer Simple UI

People who indulge in gaming are looking forward to speed and challenges. To deliver the best results, ask the android developer to focus on the same. Highly creative and complicated UI can be disappointing for many consumers. Focus on the features and response time of every page of the gaming application. 

3. Keep Up With the Trends

You are going to wipe out the gaming industry if you do not keep a tab on the trends. Apps taking a longer display time or without multiplayer options can be very disappointing. Make a list of the ongoing trends in the gaming industry and include them in the requirement. You can hire app developers for android and ask them about the latest trends and how to use them in favor of the game. You can add the options such as social networking, real-time multiplayer mode, and online ranking to let the users boost their gaming skills to the world. 

4. Program Uninterrupted Games

Running a gaming application involves many activities to be run at a particular time. The number of these activities increases with internet connectivity. There may be popup and download signals that may interrupt the user while playing. To provide a seamless experience, use the background services available on Android mobile phones and minimize the noise and interruptions on the UI. 

5. Thorough Testing

This is one of the primary benefits offered by an android app development company. With the developer options for android, you get the testing suite. A gaming app has to undergo many phases of testing; including smote test, user testing, and performance testing. The app also has to be tested for its battery consumption. You can focus on the graphics and related technicalities to develop an app that does not drain the mobile's battery. You can include optimized battery consumption in the requirements and share it with the android developer. Another aspect is multi-device functionality. Test the game for different devices and screen sizes. 

6. Evaluate the Cost

Android app development includes many aspects starting from development to post-release maintenance. All of these activities are going to cost you. The cost will rise with the features, quality of graphics, number of testing, and the required maintenance. In the race to develop the best app, do not tumble over the budget. At the same, it is advised not to compromise the quality of the app over a tight budget. Always keep the budget into consideration. You can get an estimate of the complete process from an android app development company. Moreover, they will also offer you post-release maintenance. While hiring android developers, you can enquire about their offerings and estimate to get a fair idea of the market. Then, you can make the final decision. 


Wrapping up, we can conclude that originality, simplicity, and robustness are the three primary factors influencing the gaming app development process. You can hire an android app developer or android app development Company to develop the app. You have both choices with their benefits. In the end, let the testing decide if you are ready to release the game. Without wasting any time, you can connect with the best android app development company and kick-start gaming app development with the idea of juggling in your brain and seeing it running successfully at the earliest.  

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