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    Angular JS is one of the very popular JavaScript frameworks primarily used by businesses to develop single-page web applications. Today, all sorts of companies look forward to hiring angular JS developers. From sports to entertainment, Angular JS has become an integral part of web applications. A significant reason behind this popularity can be the growth of Angular JS development companies. Anyone can avail there angular JS development services and create an application. 

    What makes Angular JS so popular? Of course, the reason behind the popularity is the rich feature set.

    Let us take a look at some of the features that prove to be advantageous for developers. 

    1. Command-Line Interface

    The Command line interface automates the entire development process, including initialization, configuration, and app development. In addition, angular JS developers can benefit from extra features such as end-to-end unit testing to create a robust application. As a result, CLI considerably improves the code quality and fastens the development. 

    2. In-built MVC Support

    Contrary to the common practice of developing each MVC component and then writing codes to string them, Angular JS supports MVC architecture. The Angular JS developers just need to split the framework into MVC components, and the rest of the work will be done by Angular JS. 

    3. POJO Model

    POJO is Plain Old JavaScript Objects. Angular.js follows the POJO model, allowing the developers to skip the efforts of adding additional functions for getter and setter. The developers get great functionalities required for object manipulation. 

    4. Dependency Injection

    The development code requires a flow of dependencies from one object to another. This connects different things in a code. In AngularJS, the developers can use the dependency injection feature to create highly readable and maintainable codes. This also reduces the time invested in testing. 

    5. Innate Unit Testing Module

    Unit testing is necessary for any code. Developers create the unit testing suit for the application and web development process. AnguarJS provides a setup for unit testing that saves a lot of time. Unit testing in AngularJS utilizes the dependency injection feature of AngualrJS. Fake server responses can be inserted in the mock HTTP provider available for the controllers to test the developed web pages. This eliminates the conventional way of creating individual test pages and activating every single feature. Furthermore, it fastens the entire process. 

    6. Custom Directives Support

    Angular JS comes with the support to develop custom directives which the Angular JS developers use to create custom HTML tags. The developers can easily create HTML with rich elements and initiate them without DOM manipulation. 

    Google backs angular JS. This is another primary reason to choose Angular JS. There is an automatic shift of trust in the framework with a tech giant like Google associated with it. In addition, angular JS is constantly updated by its development team to release new features and bug fixes. Angular JS is being used by many companies to develop different types of applications, including video streaming applications, eCommerce applications, and real-time data applications. Let us look at some of the prominent examples of Angular JS applications.

    Examples of Angular JS Application

    1. Paypal

    Paypal is a safe wallet mechanism used by numerous applications across the globe. The platform is used for monetary transactions and is considered very safe. AngularJS is part of the tech stack, including other frameworks such as Express.js and MongoDB. 

    2. Upwork

    Upwork is another popular platform. It is trendy in freelancing as the job portal for freelancers. The number of participants is increasing daily, and the platform has to manage millions of connections at any time. Angular JS is a part of the tech stack of the application as well.

    3. Crickbuzz

    Cricket lovers must be well aware of this famous website for giving the quickest ball-to-ball commentaries. The website has its features and news from across the globe. The application owners have used Angular JS in the development of this website. 

    4. Healthtrak

    This online platform connects patients and doctors. It offers many features, including appointment fixing and payment history, to make it a relevant medical application. As part of the tech stack, Angular JS helps it become fast and scalable. 

    As we all can see, Angular JS is being used across the globe in different domains to develop robust and scalable applications. These are just a few successful examples of Angular JS. 


    Businesses are making progressive, dynamic, and enterprise web apps using Angular JS, even for large-scale app development projects. Angular JS makes the entire development process very productive and fast. Businesses looking forward to expanding their online presence should hire dedicated angular JS developers or Angular JS development companies to develop robust web applications that boost their brand identity and profits.

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